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How Serious is Robbery by Sudden Snatching?

CuffwithCop-Color-150x150he robbery of the week involves a man on a bicycle who robbed a woman in broad daylight outside a Boynton Publix. Police have yet to catch the robber.

According to the article in WPTV News, police are looking for a man who stole a 62-year-old woman’s purse while exiting a Publix Super Market.

The woman, who was not identified, told police she was walking in the parking lot of Publix on Southeast 18th Avenue Tuesday morning when a man rode a bicycle past her, according to a statement released by the Boynton Beach Police Department this afternoon.

The man, wearing a white shirt and jean shorts, grabbed the woman’s purse from under her left arm, the statement said. The woman screamed for help and the man fled east through the parking lot on a bicycle.

A witness unloading a delivery truck followed the suspect on Federal Highway but lost him, the statement said.

Robbery by sudden snatching

This robbery will be defined as “robbery by sudden snatching.” The Florida Statutes define this crime as:

The taking of money or other property from the victim’s person, with intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the victim or the owner of the money or other property.

As for prosecution of robbery by sudden snatching, if the robber is caught, it is not necessary to show that the offender used any amount of force more than necessary to obtain the stolen property or money. It also doesn’t matter if the victim did not resist the offender while the crime was being committed.

Robbery Defense

If you have been accused or charged with robbery of any kind, this can vary from armed robbery to robbery by sudden snatching, you a criminal defense lawyer to help you understand your circumstances before you face the law.

Consult a criminal defense lawyer and learn about your options.

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