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How the Fort Pierce Humane Society is Accused of Animal Cruelty

People are arrested on animal cruelty charges all the time. In Florida, animal cruelty can be charged as anything from a civil infraction up to a felony. Those charges, as well as fines, add up when a person is charged with cruelty or neglect to a group of animals. The Humane Society is under scrutiny as former employees are gathering to accuse the organization of abusing animals in their care. Being charged with animal cruelty is extremely serious and only an animal cruelty criminal defense lawyer with a successful track record can guide you through this situation.

Humane Society in Fort Pierce Accused of Abuse

According to WPTV News, the Humane Society in Fort Pierce was recently accused of animal cruelty by a former doctor, a new contract is being written so St. Lucie County leaders can regulate it.

Former Humane Society employee Dr. Sara Matthews said the shelter euthanizes up to 8,000 animals a year simply because there’s not enough space. A current employee also said the animals weren’t sedated properly before those euthanizations, according to Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers.

Humane Society of St. Lucie County Operations Manager David Robertson said the claims of abuse and improper euthanization are false, according to WPTV News.

The county started drafting the new contract with new oversight Tuesday. New regulations could include creating a citizen committee to make sure guidelines are upheld and biannual unannounced inspections occur. This new contract isn’t agreed upon yet.

Passive and Active Animal Cruelty

As defined by Pet-Abuse.com, there are two types of animal cruelty, passive and active.

Passive animal cruelty is considered to be neglect, where the crime is a lack of action rather than the action itself. Severe neglect can be extremely painful and cause the animal and incredible amount of suffering. Neglect can be anything like starvation, dehydration, parasite infestations, inadequate shelter in extreme weather, and failure to seek veterinary care.

Active animal cruelty is when a person deliberately and maliciously causes physical harm to an animal. This particular type of animal cruelty is taken extremely seriously as it is often disturbing and may show signs of serious psychological problems.

Animal Cruelty Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of animal cruelty, you need to seek legal help immediately. Animal law is constantly changing and experienced criminal defense lawyers like Andrew D. Stine keep up with the changes. Not only can a lawyer answer any questions you may have, but he or she can aggressively defend your case to make sure you have the best possible outcome for your situation.

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