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How To Beat a Solicitation of Prostitution Charge in West Palm Beach

Solicitation of Prostitution is part of a large group of “victimless” crimes like vagrancy, indecent exposure and public intoxication. But if you are arrested for this crime in Palm Beach County, there is nothing victimless about it – you are going to feel like a victim.

In recent years, West Palm Beach Police have cracked down on solicitation of prostitution by using stings that target “johns” instead of actual prostitutes. Many unsuspecting men have been arrested and charged with this crime. Many innocent men who stopped at the request of an undercover agent have been entrapped. In the state of Florida, simply asking a person to engage in prostitution is an unlawful act. Money doesn’t even have to be exchanged. It is pretty serious stuff. This is a rare situation where a crime can be committed by words alone. Here are some of the penalties:

  • Jail time
  • Fines and fees
  • HIV testing and AIDS classes
  • Driver’s license suspension if your car was at the scene

The legal punishment is not as severe as the personal embarrassment you may experience. Your family is shamed. Your reputation at work and in your neighborhood is ruined. The stigma attached to this crime can be overwhelming. Here is how an aggressive and proactive West Palm Beach defense attorney can help:

Insufficient or Illegally Obtained Evidence

Was the initial contact with the police legal? Did the arresting officers read you your rights properly? Was the decoy officer the same person who wrote up the report? How believable is the tape recording?

Proactive Intervention

The prosecution is not necessarily required to bring a formal charge against you for this kind of crime. A proactive criminal defense attorney may be able to intervene and save you from the charge even being filed.

Pre-Trial Intervention

Defendants can enroll in a pre-trial intervention and diversion program. Upon completing the program, the charge pending against you will be dismissed.

Plea in Absentia

A proactive defense attorney can resolve the case without a trial or even your personal appearance in court. This allows your attorney to make all court appearances on your behalf and spares you a lot of embarrassment.

Sealing Your Records

A proactive defense attorney will petition to have your record sealed or expunged depending on your prior record and outcome of the case.

Don’t become a victim of this victimless crime. Hire an aggressive – and proactivecriminal defense attorney to fight for your rights and reputation.

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