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How Your Arrest Could be Thrown Out in Palm Beach County

1If you have been arrested anytime between now and 2008 by a law enforcement officer representing the Ocean Ridge Police Department or the Riviera Beach department, your arrestrecord, citation, or ticket could be thrown out. This new development was sparked when a news investigator learned that a new law passed in 2008 was overlooked by
both police departments.

The law

Palm Beach Post reporter Cynthia Roldan discovered that in 2008 a new law was passed requiring firearms instructors to be certified by the state. However, the Ocean Ridge Police Department and the Riviera Beach Police Department never got the memo – and never got certified. The compounded effect means that police officers who have been issuing citations and conducting arrests for the last few years were uncertified, rendering all arrests and citations invalid.

News reporters were unable to speak with officials at the Riviera Beach Police Department about how the problem occurred. Both departments immediately recertified both the trainers and the officers as soon as they learned of the problem.

The impact of the flaw in paperwork could be tremendous. Approximately 6,000 arrests made by the Riviera Beach Police Department’s 127 officers who were not certified for the past two years could potentially be tossed out. Ocean Ridge Police Department’s 35 arrests made by their 24 officers could also be challenged.

Both departments are applying for waivers from the FDLE commission, and will attend a meeting Thursday in Ocala to plead their cases. Only then will we know if those arrests will stick or be thrown out.

All information for this article was taken from WPTV News Channel 5.

Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested in Palm Beach County in the past two years, speak with a criminal defense lawyer immediately. If your arrest record could potentially be thrown out, that could be a tremendous change for you, especially if your arrest resulted in a criminal record. Your criminal record follows you everywhere and can be a heavy burden to bear. Speak with acriminal defense lawyer as soon as you can to learn more about the problem within the Palm Beach County police departments.

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