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Illegal Immigrant Crimes in Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, Florida

illegal-immigrationIllegal immigration is the movement of people across a national border that violates the immigration laws of the country. Illegal immigrants are also known as illegal aliens or “non-citizens” to differentiate them from legal aliens. Between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants are estimated to be living in the United States. There are between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants in Florida.

What Happens When An Immigrant Is Arrested in Palm Beach County

For many minor crimes, especially involving juveniles, an individual may be not arrested and only a small percent of those arrested are brought to the courts for trial. More serious crimes like drugs, DUI, assault, theft, animal cruelty and weapons charges can result in multiple criminal charges if you reside in the United States illegally. The consequences are severe and the possibility of deportation is high.

Illegal Aliens or Non-Citizens

A non-citizen who is convicted of a crime may face deportation, loss of a visa or green card and denial of citizenship. The fine line between criminal and immigration law is complicated. Different rules apply to different kinds of immigrants. There are only a few attorneys in Palm Beach County who understand these complexities and how these two categories of law interact. If you have been charged with a crime – you need an attorney who has experience in both criminal and immigration law.

Legal Aliens or Legal Immigrants

If you are a legal immigrant, being convicted of a crime may still lead to your deportation. There are two major types of legal aliens:

  1. Legal Permanent Residents (LPR’s or people who have Green Cards)
  2. Visa-holders (people with student visas or work visas)

If you are a legal alien who has been convicted of a deportable offense, the Department of Homeland Security may prosecute you and attempt to deport you.

Hire a Palm Beach County Attorney Who Knows How to Defend Illegal Immigrants

The most important thing in all immigration criminal cases is to act early. Hire an attorney who speaks Spanish and knows how to use pretrial intervention to prevent a case from going to trial. A Palm Beach attorney who has experience in illegal immigrant crimes will work with prosecutors for a reduced sentence or negotiate a deal so the defendant can enter a diversion program and complete community service instead of serving jail time. Being “proactive” in an immigrant criminal case often makes the difference between deportation and remaining in the United States.

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