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Is Carjacking a Felony?

carjacking_180x120Carjacking is a serious crime in the state of Florida. Recent carjacking numbers have increased along with the new “bump and rob” type of robbery. Carjacking is a first degree felony and is defined as the forcible or violent taking of a motor vehicle from the owner with the intent of either permanently or temporarily depriving the owner of the said motor vehicle. While it is serious, it is unfortunately very common in South Florida.

Carjacking in Riviera Beach

According to an article in WPTV News, a Riviera Beach city police officer said he was forced to shoot at an armed man. Robert Robinson, 19, is accused of fleeing on foot, evading police vehicles, and carjacking. The scene actually started out as a routine traffic stop but ended as an officer-involved shooting, which took the crime to a whole new level.

According to the article, Riviera Beach police say two officers pulled a vehicle over just before 3 p.m. They said a male passenger with a gun got out of that vehicle then fled on foot. Investigators said Robinson later carjacked another vehicle on Blue Heron Boulevard, driving through parts of West Palm Beach and back into Riviera Beach. Officers said they were following the vehicle the whole time. Investigators said the armed suspect bailed out of the vehicle near Silver Beach Road and ran again, refusing to stop or put down his weapon. A police department spokesperson said that is when a officer shot the man. The suspect was taken to the hospital and was undergoing surgery but his condition and his identity are still unknown. No others were hurt.

Carjacking Criminal Defense

Carjacking is a serious first-degree felony in the state of Florida. A felony conviction will stay with you for the rest of your life as a permanent stain on your record. If you invest in an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you may be able to create a defense strategy that lessens your prison sentence and keeps your record clean. A criminal defense lawyer can give you a second chance if you have been arrested and accused of carjacking.

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