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Judge in John Goodman Case Asked to Step Aside

John Goodman, founder of the International Polo Club Palm Beach, was found guilty of DUI Manslaughter and Vehicular Homicide in March of this year. While his case seemed to be resolved, his criminal defense attorneys were continuing to attempt to change the fate of Goodman’s case by accusing several of the jury members of misconduct. This case continues to complicate, while Goodman still sits in a cell, convicted of drunkenly hitting another person’s vehicle, sending that car careening into a canal where the victim drowned.

Jury Called in for Questioning

According to a previous post, the possible misconduct concerns were spelled out
in a 77-page document and defense attorneys say they came from a fellow
juror. Goodman’s attorneys say that juror said members of the jury
panel, throughout the trial, disobeyed instructions from the judge and
talked about the case when they were not supposed to. The potential of jury members having tainted the case by talking about it when they were supposed to could have jeopardized the outcome of the trial, and possibly even Goodman’s conviction.

Judge Asked to Step Aside

Apparently the case is becoming even more complicated because according to a  WPTV News update, Goodman’s defense attorneys are accusing circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath of not tell them that Toni May, a former television host and executive director of South Florida Today on WXEL-TV, wrote him a letter in which she said she overheard a juror raise worries over possible jury misconduct at a Palm Beach Gardens restaurant the day after Goodman was convicted, before the judge agreed to interview jurors about the allegations, according to WTPV News.

The attorneys are asking for the court’s “disqualification and reassignment” of the case, so that all of these potentially outcome-altering variables can be addressed.

Judge Colbath has recently denied a request for a new trial.

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