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Jupiter Man Arrested On Charges Of Operating Grow House

Lapsley, 33, was charged with one count each of trafficking in cannabis and possession of cannabis over 20 grams. He was booked in the Palm Beach County Jail Wednesday and released Thursday on $18,000 bond.

Sheriff’s narcotics agents found about 78 pounds of cannabis inside the home, according to an arrest report.

The agents obtained a search warrant on Tuesday and conducted surveillance outside the home the following morning. The agents continued watch through the afternoon, when Lapsley went to his car and backed out of the driveway, the report said.

Deputies conducted a traffic stop and detained Lapsley while other agents executed the search warrant at his home.

According to the report, the northeast bedroom had been converted into a grow room containing 45 small cannabis plants. The room was equipped with lighting, air conditioning and an electrical power supply that bypassed the main meter on the home, investigators said. The agents found approximately 745 grams of loose dried cannabis plant material in a pot, and a large Ziploc bag of processed cannabis hidden under several pots in the closet, the report said (read full story).

West Palm Beach Marijuana Grow House Defense Attorney

An increasing phenomenon in Florida is the presence of Marijuana grow houses. Garages, abandoned trailers, old houses and sheds are all used to grow and cultivate Marijuana for sale and distribution. People charged with growing Marijuana face mandatory minimum prison sentences of at least three years, fines, and possibly, a felony criminal record.

In Florida, the consequences for growing Marijuana are serious and remain with you in the future. Employers, apartment managers and schools will have access to your criminal record. A good lawyer will be proactive in your defense and work hard to reduce the consequences and penalties of your actions.

The law office of Andrew D. Stine, P.A., is committed to representing those charged with growing marijuana and other drug crimes. We have extensive experience representing clients with drug charges and know what it takes to form an effective defense. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Discovering Grow Houses

Many drug cases involve an informant. The police will send an undercover agent or use someone to enter in the house and look around for signs of mass production of Marijuana. Police also discover grow houses by noticing a sharp increase in energy bills. Growing Marijuana plants requires a large amount of light and heat. This spikes energy needs and alerts energy companies and law enforcement about suspicious activity.

Our defense team has a thorough understanding of how law enforcement officials discover grow houses and what evidence is needed to prosecute our clients. If any evidence is obtained through illegal search and seizure or obtained by police trickery, we will file a motion to suppress the evidence and to dismiss the case.

Free consultation 24/7: Call West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer Andrew D. Stine, P.A. at 561.880.4300Se habla español.

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