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Linda Cooney Arrested Again for Attempted Murder with Weapon She Used to Kill Husband

linda-cooney-attempted-murder_180x120In 1993, Linda Cooney was acquitted for murdering her husband. Nearly 20 years later, Cooney is back in the media spotlight when police were called to another shooting in the Cooney’s Las Vegas household. Kevin Cooney, her son, 30, was shot in the neck. The shooter? Linda Cooney.

The Cooney Case

According to a WPTV News report, as a 10-year-old boy, Kevin Cooney saw his father on the hallway floor shot four times. He stood witness on the stand as an 11-year-old in a case that would haunt him and his little brother for the rest of their lives. According to several news reports, Linda Cooney and prominent James Cooney had several disputes throughout their marriage, even in front of their two boys.

Police were called to the home for several domestic disputes in the early 1980’s, and Linda Cooney often accused her husband of beating her. James Cooney filed for divorce twice in 1987 but the couple supposedly reconciled both times until the divorce was finalized in 1988. In 1992, she shot James and killed him.

Cooney and her criminal defense lawyer used a self-defense strategy and she was acquitted for her husband’s murder.

In June of 2011, Linda Cooney shot her own son Kevin, now 30, through his neck, with the exact same caliber handgun she used to kill his father.

According to WPTV News, Criminal Defense Lawyer Anthony Natale who defended Cooney in her case said “it’s surprising…I think that’s all I can say.”

According to Las Vegas court records and police, Linda Cooney was arrested on charges of domestic violence battery with a deadly weapon on Sept. 16.

According to WPTV News, “court records show the charges against Linda Cooney were raised to attempted murder and she was released on $100,000 bond. Rivera said he did not have any information on the extent of Kevin Cooney’s injuries, but those close to the family said he is now paralyzed.”

Domestic Violence and Battery

Domestic violence and battery within the home is very serious but unfortunately common. Many people in the South Florida area either have a loved one or someone they know that has exposure to this particular crime. Being accused of domestic violence or battery can be extremely complicated. A criminal defense lawyer can help you through the legal process and help you devise a defense strategy.

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