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Marijuana Grow House Found In West Palm Beach

marijuana-8A 32-year-old suburban West Palm Beach man is being accused of turning his home into a marijuana-manufacturing plant after authorities found almost 30 plants growing in three separate rooms.

Alexei Garcia was arrested Friday on charges of manufacturing cannabis, trafficking in cannabis and possession of a dwelling to manufacture controlled substances. He was released Saturday after posting a $13,000 bond.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s SWAT team executed a search warrant Friday at Garcia’s home in suburban West Palm Beach on Carambola Road north of Forest Hill Boulevard.

Upon arriving at the home investigators noticed a “profuse odor or cannabis” outside, according to a sheriff’s probable cause affidavit.

Investigators said that the home was “substantially and intentionally” modified into an indoor pot-manufacturing lab.

Eighteen other plants and seven pounds of pot in a garbage bag were found in two other rooms. In all, 28 plants were found in the home, which amounts to about 174 pounds of the substance. (source, full story)

South Florida Leads Florida State in Illegal Pot Operations

Nationwide demand for high-potency marijuana has turned Florida into a top producer of hydroponic weed, and hundreds of South Floridians are turning their homes into lucrative grow houses, according to local law enforcement.

The illegal drug nurseries are hidden everywhere from million-dollar homes to run-down apartments, putting unsuspecting neighbors in serious danger. Some grow houses are discovered only after explosions or fires.

Florida Drug Charges A Serious Offense

Drug charges resulting from marijuana and other drugs can be classified into three distinct categories: misdemeanor possession of marijuana, felony possession of a controlled substance and drug trafficking. Many charges are further refined based on the weight of the drugs seized. In particular, drug trafficking charges carry mandatory minimum terms in state prison based on the total weight of the drugs seized. Even a charge as simple as misdemeanor possession of marijuana can have very serious consequences, including a mandatory driver’s license suspension and a permanent record of arrest and conviction.

West Palm Beach Marijuana Grow House Defense Attorney

An increasing phenomenon in Florida is the presence of Marijuana grow houses. Garages, abandoned trailers, old houses and sheds are all used to grow and cultivate Marijuana for sale and distribution. People charged with growing Marijuana face mandatory minimum prison sentences of at least three years, fines, and possibly, a felony criminal record.

In Florida, the consequences for growing Marijuana are serious and remain with you in the future. Employers, apartment managers and schools will have access to your criminal record. A good lawyer will be proactive in your defense and work hard to reduce the consequences and penalties of your actions.

The law office of Andrew D. Stine, P.A., is committed to representing those charged with growing marijuana and other drug crimes. We have extensive experience representing clients with drug charges and know what it takes to form an effective defense. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Discovering Grow Houses

Many drug cases involve an informant. The police will send an undercover agent or use someone to enter in the house and look around for signs of mass production of Marijuana. Police also discover grow houses by noticing a sharp increase in energy bills. Growing Marijuana plants requires a large amount of light and heat. This spikes energy needs and alerts energy companies and law enforcement about suspicious activity.

Our defense team has a thorough understanding of how law enforcement officials discover grow houses and what evidence is needed to prosecute our clients. If any evidence is obtained through illegal search and seizure or obtained by police trickery, we will file a motion to suppress the evidence and to dismiss the case.

Free consultation 24/7: Call West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer Andrew D. Stine, P.A. at 561.880.4300. Se habla español.

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