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Marijuana Grow Houses in Palm Beach County

marijuana-1_180x120-150x119A grow house is a home, warehouse or garage that is used for the production of marijuana and is usually located in a suburban residential neighborhood. The houses are typically outfitted with sophisticated hydroponic equipment to provide water, food and light for the plants. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water without soil.

The houses themselves are kept in good condition so that they blend in with the neighborhood. Illegal electrical hookups are a common feature of grow houses. They save money and make it harder for authorities to identify them due to a spike in electrical usage.

Florida – Grow House, U.S.A.

Indoor marijuana manufacturing is on the rise in Florida. The state is second behind California in the burgeoning business. Palm Beach County ranks right behind Miami-Dade and Broward. The houses can be anywhere, but they are mostly in quiet neighborhoods. Last year authorities confiscated nearly 300 pounds of plants and clippings from quiet neighborhoods in Palm Beach Gardens, Green Acres and Loxahatchee.

Discovering Grow Houses

Many grow house cases in Palm Beach County involve an informant. The police will send an undercover agent or use someone to enter in the house and look around for signs of mass production of marijuana. Police have many other resources including thermal imaging to detect heat lamps and analysis of energy bills.

Defending Yourself Against a Grow House Charge

The consequences for growing marijuana are serious in Florida and may haunt you in the future. People charged with growing marijuana face mandatory minimum prison sentences of at least three years, fines, and possibly, a felony criminal record. Employers, apartment managers and schools will have access to your criminal record. A good grow house lawyer will be proactive in your defense and work hard to reduce the consequences and penalties of your actions.

Only an experienced grow house defense team understands how law enforcement officials discover grow houses and what evidence is needed to prosecute a defendant. If any evidence is obtained through illegal search and seizure or obtained by police deception, a good Palm Beach County grow house attorney will file a motion to suppress the evidence and dismiss the case.

If you have been charged with a marijuana grow house crime in Palm Beach County, you are not going to need water, food and light for your plants – you are going to need a good attorney.

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