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Motion to Suppress Evidence in Michael Kagdis Case

michael-kagdis_180x120There is rich. There is super rich. Then there is Palm Beach. Palm Beach, Florida is a world unlike anywhere else – an ultra-exclusive island awash with spectacular estates and fabulously manicured lawns. It is a place where new money and old money play all day and party all night long.

There are a few towns in America that are wealthier than Palm Beach but there is no town with more history or snob appeal.

Even the rich get into trouble now and then. So what happens when a Palm Beacher gets arrested? They don’t retain a gentleman attorney from their country club. They go across Royal Park Bridge and hire an aggressive street fighter from West Palm Beach.

Michael Kagdis, a famous Palm Beach resident, is out on bail for drug charges and is being represented by criminal defense attorney Andrew Stine from West Palm Beach.

Andrew Stine, recently filed a motion to suppress the evidence seized because of shoddy — nah, make that laughable, according to Stine — police work.

Kagdis, 41, who was thought of as the town’s informal concierge, was collared in August after Palm Beach cops, and FBI and DEA agents used a wired informant to obtain a search warrant for Kagdis’ home and Range Rover.

Four grams of cocaine, 50 Oxy pills, numerous empty pill bottles and a toy pistol with a silencer were recovered, and Kagdis was charged with three felony drug dealing counts.

Stine said the confidential informant, known in police files as C.I. 245, was under investigation for selling drugs last summer from her chair in a beach cabana at The Breakers.

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