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Officer Arrested for Illegal Arrest in Broward County

police-car-lightsWhen officers of the law are arrested, the public usually sees the case on the news because officers generally always fight the charges. This is usually because if they are convicted, they will never again be able to be officers of the law. In Broward County, a Sheriff’s deputy is facing this dilemma after conducting a suspicious arrest while off duty. His accuser allegedly has a video recording of the incident.

Road Rage in Broward County

Paul Pletcher, 37, is a Broward Sheriff’s deputy has been under investigation for several months after a woman called 911 saying he had pulled her over, screamed profanity and racial slurs, restrained her then stole her cell phone. Pletcher has been charged with four criminal charges including burglary, battery, criminal mischief and petty theft. He has been suspended without pay.

As do many officers charged with criminal counts, Pletcher and his criminal defense lawyer intend to fight the charges and plead not guilty.

Neyda Osoria, 38, told police that she was waiting at a light on Broward Boulevard when her friend noticed a deputy yelling at them. Pletcher was off-duty and out of uniform at the time, but armed and driving his patrol car. Pletcher allegedly gave her the middle finger and she returned in kind. Then Pletcher turned on his flashing lights and pulled her over. Osorio’s friend then used her cellphone to begin taping the incident.

When Pletcher realized he was being recorded, he demanded the phone, then took it by force when she refused to turn it over, Osorio told police. The deputy also drove off with her driver’s license, according to WPTV News.

“Even though she was not booked into a jail, when he used his police lights to stop her, that was an arrest under the law,” Ed McGee said, Osorio’s lawyer.

Fighting the Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with burglary, or battery, it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. These charges are very serious in the state of Florida and can have serious consequences. Pletcher, a Sheriff’s Deputy, has no choice but to rely on his criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges.

“When a police officer is charged with wrongdoing, he always has to fight the charges,” Pletcher’s criminal defense lawyer said. “If an officer wants to remain an officer, he has to fight the charges.”

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