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Over 200 Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill in Boca Raton

animal-cruelty-boca-lawyerAnimal cruelty crimes are the most heartbreaking of all because the victims of the crimes are truly defenseless. Puppy mills are often the biggest animal cruelty cases that people encounter. A puppy mill, sometimes called a puppy farm, is a commercial breeding facility where the operators focus solely on profits and give no heed to the animals’
welfare. The conditions are almost always deplorable. A puppy mill was
discovered and raided recently in Venice, where over 200 dogs were rescued by the Tri-County Humane Society in Boca Raton and are being treated.

Potential Animal Cruelty Charges

According to an article in WPTV News, dozens of dogs rescued last week from a puppy mill arrived at the Boca Raton Tri-County Humane Society late Saturday night and could be up for adoption in the next few weeks. About 263 dogs were rescued by Sarasota County Animal Services, pulled from a home in Venice last week. Some of the animals are not in good condition, according to investigators. They were still being treated Sunday night.

The article stated that investigators said the owners of the dogs were cooperative with authorities. The Tri-County Humane Society in Boca Raton is one of many facilities where the dogs are being treated. The article was unclear whether animal cruelty charges were going to be filed.

Pending medical evaluation and clearance, the animals will be put up for adoption. Many have worms, ticks, fleas, infections and eye problems. Two of the dogs rescued by Tri-County were rushed to emergency veterinary care.

“The most horrific conditions I think I’ve ever seen in my rescue,” said Tri-County Director Suzi Goldsmith. “They have had the worst quality of life and I would say they’ve had no quality of life.”

To donate or adopt, call 561-482-8110 or visit www.tricountyhumane.org .

Animal Cruelty

In the state of Florida, animal cruelty can be charged as anything from a civil infraction to a major felony. A person can be charged for mistreating one animal or a group of animals. If you have ever been accused of animal cruelty, contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. This is a case surrounded by complicated and changing legislation. A criminal defense lawyer can be the best asset you have in this serious situation.

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