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Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney: Backpage.com Can Put You on the Front Page

Backpage.com leads to a rise in arrests for solicitation of prostitution in Palm Beach County, FL.

Backpage.com is a website that caters to prostitution, escorts, unlawful massages and other acts that lead to criminal arrests for many people throughout Palm Beach County, FL, reports Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine. The website Backpage.com is also notorious for undercover law enforcement officials, who also troll the pages to set up those who want to engage in illegal activity like solicitation of prostitution. Yes, law enforcement officers set up fake Backpage.com pages to lure unsuspecting men and bust them for wanting to pay for sex.

The undercover officers place ads on Backpage.com offering themselves for sex acts in exchange for money. The citizen telephones the number provided on the advertisement and then the “undercover” officer and the caller negotiate a price for the sex act to be desired by the caller. This entire telephone conversation, between the undercover officer and the “John” is being recorded for evidentiary purposes.

The caller looking to procure sex from the undercover police officer, in exchange for money, is directed to meet the “lady” at a hotel or motel location. To date, there have been no homosexual sex stings set up in Palm Beach County, FL using Backpage.com targeting illegal sexual behavior between consenting adults, notes West Palm Beach criminal lawyer Stine. This is a significant factor because the law enforcement community in Palm Beach County, FL is clearly targeting “heterosexual males” looking for illegal sexual encounters, and not any other individuals, including women who are also looking for sex from male prostitutes. There have been no “stings” involving the setup of women looking for sex that have been reported or determined to be in place in Palm Beach County, FL.

Once the “John” shows up at the hotel or motel, he is instructed to put the money on a dresser, counter or nightstand. The money and verbal exchange for sex, between the parties, is caught on video and tape recordings for evidentiary purposes. If the John lays the money down for the exchange of sex, the crime of “solicitation of prostitution” is complete under the black letter meaning of the law. The undercover officer will likely then give the take down signal to awaiting officers and the John will be quickly arrested.

The individual arrested will then be issued a Notice to Appear or be formally booked on the criminal charge crime of solicitation of prostitution. The crime of solicitation carries with it many negative factors for employment, housing, family ties, schooling and with other civic groups. One should also be aware that if you are adjudicated guilty of solicitation of prostitution you will pay a fine in the amount of $5,000.00.

One technique that Johns use to check on the Backpage.com advertisement is to Google the telephone number being provided by the working lady. Many times Google will reveal whether or not the telephone number with the advertisement is a law enforcement number, a scam or a legitimate provider of sex between two consenting adults. Another technique that has been developed by the Johns to prevent being arrested for the crime of solicitation of prostitution is to only telephone the advertisements that prohibit one group of people in the advertisements. If the advertisement for sex reads “no black men” then likely the advertisement is a legitimate working girl, as law enforcement officials cannot target by race on the Internet for one group to commit a crime but help stop others from doing the same. Just remember when you look on Backpage.com for a working girl you may just get arrested.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or given a notice to appear for solicitation of prostitution telephone Andrew D. Stine, criminal defense attorney Palm Beach County, at 561 880 4300. Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine has been fighting solicitation of prostitution cases for over a decade and has a solid record of getting the cases dismissed! Hire Stine or Do The Time.

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