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Palm Beach Defense Lawyer: State Offers No Love to 18 Year Old Who Played Doctor

The Office of the State Attorney wants Malachi Love Robinson to accept a plea bargain that would put him in jail for three years for operating his clinic.

Andrew D. Stine, West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney reports that Malachi Love Robinson, the 18 year old who “played doctor,” according to the Office of the State Attorney in and for Palm Beach County Florida has again been the center of many national news sources. Malachi Love Robinson, also known as Dr. Love, was in court this week and the assistant state attorney announced that the State of Florida is requesting that Dr. Love plead guilty in exchange for 3 years in the Florida Department of Corrections with 5 years of probation to follow the prison sentence. The State believes they are doing Dr. Love a favor with the plea deal because at a minimum Dr. Love, if convicted, is facing 99.75 months in the Department of Corrections. Attached to this blog find his criminal score sheet: Love Robinson Criminal Score Sheet

In Florida, the accused has an absolute right to a jury trial but no right to receive a negotiated plea offer from the prosecutor’s office. Negotiated plea agreements happen in many criminal cases throughout the Florida courtrooms. But on some occasions, the prosecutor may not offer a plea deal to the defendant. Here, a plea deal was extended to Dr. Love.

Many people have been inquiring as to what Dr. Love will do regarding the plea. Will he take the plea deal or go to trial? In Florida, the accused has the ultimate right to a trial or to accept a “plea offer” if it has been extended to the accused. The right to accept a “plea deal” or reject the terms of the deal can only be done by the accused. Experienced criminal defense lawyers will advise their clients on the strengths and weaknesses of the case, applicable motions that may be filed, possible defenses that the accused may present and witness preparation. But ultimately, the defendant must knowingly, voluntarily and under their own free will enter a guilty plea or opt out for a trial.

Deciding whether or not to plead guilty or go to trial resides squarely on the shoulders of Malachi Love Robinson. The path that Dr. Love takes will be determined solely by the client.

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