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Petit Theft and Other Misdemeanor Crimes

criminal-defense-lawyer-2_180x120-150x120The crime of Petit Theft in Florida is the taking or misusing of another’s property with the value of the property being $300.00 or less. The crime of Petit Theft in Florida is a Misdemeanor of the First degree. A misdemeanor of the first degree in Florida is punishable by up to one (1) year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.00. There are also civil fines and forfeiture laws that deal with those accused and found guilty of petit theft. The most often seen petit thefts in Florida, are when someone shoplifts from a retail store, walks out on not paying an invoice for food or hospitality related services, destroys another’s property, misuses of another’s property or  not returning rental property as promised per the rental agreement.

Petit theft is a crime of dishonesty, and as such, is a crime against moral turpitude. Crimes against moral turpitude carry many unattended consequences; like loss of employment, loss of professional license, loss of immigration status and may cause loss of other enjoyments like; college or university scholarships. Petit theft may seem like a victimless crime, but in fact, Florida retailers account for billions of dollars of loss each year due to theft related criminal offenses. As a matter of fact, because Florida is a tourist and hospitality State, the crime of petit theft is taking seriously by the law enforcement officers who investigate the crime, the Office of the State Attorney who prosecutes the crimes and the Judges who pass sentence on the accused if he or she is convicted of petit theft.

Hiring a pro-active criminal defense attorney, who understands what the prosecutor wants to resolve the petit theft, prior to a court date even being set, is paramount to saving those from a petit theft conviction and criminal record. Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Attorney, Andrew D. Stine, has developed a strategy to resolve most Misdemeanor crimes, including Petit Theft. The strategy to have Misdemeanor crimes dismissed has been coined as the “the road map to success.”  The road map to success was developed by West Palm Beach criminal attorney, Andrew D. Stine. The idea behind the “road map to success” is to have the defendant complete certain self tailored requirements to get his or her Misdemeanor case dismissed, without a criminal record. The key to the success of the road map is born out in the thousands of Nolle Prosses Criminal Attorney Andrew D. Stine has achieved for his client’s through the past decade.

The Road Map to Success requires that the accused provide proof that he or she completed some very easy tasks like: specialized classes, community service, drug and alcohol testing, health screenings for sexual transmitted diseases, driving school, letter of apology to the victim, restitution to the victim if it is required and many other unique strategies that West Palm Beach Criminal lawyer Andrew D. Stine has developed through the past 13 years in protecting his client’s reputations. For over a decade, Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew D Stine has been helping those accused of Misdemeanor crimes throughout the entire State of Florida. If you or a love one is facing a criminal Petit Theft case or another type of Misdemeanor offense like solicitation of prostitution, open container, possession of Marijuana under 20 grams, possession of paraphernalia, driving under a suspended driver’s license, a wildlife or game violation, animal cruelty or any other crime contact Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew D. Stine and he will put you on the “Road Map to Success.” Hire Stine or Do the Time.

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