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Pill Mill Kingpin Ordered to Pay Victim’s Family Millions

Jeff George, often discussed in previous posts as a kingpin of pill mills, has finally been ordered to pay financial restitution to the family of 24-year-old Joey Bartolucci who died from overdosing on narcotics in 2009, supplied by the pill mills operated by the George brothers. Pill mills are pain clinics that often prescribed powerful narcotics like Oxycodone without discretion. These operations are under extreme scrutiny and heavy investigation because of the rising number of Oxycodone related overdose deaths. It is simply just too easy for addicts and drug dealers to get their hands on powerful prescription drugs.

Jeff George Ordered to Pay Millions

According to an article in WPTV News, Jeff George of Wellington, Fla., admitted to killing Joey Bartolucci nine months ago, by giving him access to massive quantities of powerful narcotics. Now, he has been ordered to pay the Bartolucci family $5.3 million.

The jury verdict for Bartolucci’s mother, Gina, and his sister, Jennifer Moyles, came after a one-sided trial that lasted less than a day. An attorney representing Bartolucci’s family detailed for jurors how George’s callous actions led to the aspiring paramedic’s 2009 overdose death. George was not in the courtroom and did not hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent him.

Like nearly a half-dozen others who pleaded guilty in connection with one of the biggest pill mill operations in the country, George last week turned himself in to a federal prison. Last Friday, he began serving a 15 1/2-year sentence after pleading guilty in U.S. District Court to racketeering conspiracy for operating pill mills in Palm Beach County and Broward County.

Criminal Defense

If you have ever been charged with possession or trafficking a serious narcotic like Oxycodone, you are going to have a difficult time with the court process. Not only are you facing serious felony charges (depending on the amount in question), but there are always residual charges as well. A criminal defense lawyer can help you understand everything happening in court and will represent you professionally and knowledgeably.

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