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Possible Animal Cruelty and A Bomb Threat

Animal Services is an organization given the responsibility to care for animals neglected or abused by their owners. It is often heart breaking to hear stories about animal service centers that are under investigations of animal cruelty. For animal lovers, it can be jarring to hear that an organization that is dedicated to helping defenseless animals is actually causing more harm than good. One man was outraged to hear that a dog had been
euthanized way too soon – violating policy – and actually made several threatening phone calls to the Hernando County Animal Services, even making a bomb threat.

Animal Cruelty in Hernando County

Hernando County Commissioners are calling for an investigation into a situation that amplified into a bomb threat at the Hernando County Animal Services center. Zeus, an 8-month old mixed puppy was brought to Animal Services for adoption and surrendered by the owner. Company policy states that owner-surrendered dogs are kept for a minimum of seven days.

Zeus was euthanized less than an hour after he arrived. According to a WPTV News article, the staff at the animal services center said there was not enough space for Zeus to be held.

According to the article, once word got out that Zeus had been euthanized less than hour after arriving at the Hernando County Animal Services, frustrations boiled over and a message was left on the voicemail at the Animal Services office. The unidentified caller was outraged at the killing of the dog, and went on to threaten employees with a bomb.

“I’m going to place a bomb and kill everybody. Everybody that works there, I’m going to murder in retribution for this dog. I’m going to place an explosive device and just bomb that place,” the caller explained.

Brooksville police are confident they will find the person who placed a total of six threatening calls. If found, the unknown caller is facing charges due to several harassing phone calls in addition to the bomb threat. According to the article, Hernando County Commissioners will address the issue of a possible investigation into Zeus’s death Tuesday morning.

Animal Cruelty Defense

If you have been charged with animal cruelty, it is imperative you verse yourself well in the legal process. A criminal defense lawyer understands how the law has been changing constantly and will be up to date on the best possible defense strategy for your situation. The charges are very serious and a criminal defense lawyer can investigate your side of the story and ensure that you are represented with all possible evidence in court.

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