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Presciption Drug Crimes and Hydrocodone Trafficking in Florida

Pills-S-300x199The State of Florida is known as the Pill Mill Capital of the United States. People from all around Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, and the entire East Coast corridor of the United States flock to Florida, quicker than the snow birds in January, to purchase and transport hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is a very powerful prescription form of heroin. The street name for the drug is blues or oxies. The favorite milligram for the street level user is the blue 30 mg pill. The illegal user crushes the pill and snorts it, injects it, or smokes it for the immediate high that is associated with this powerful and very lucrative prescription drug.

The street value of one hydrocodone fetches no less than $30.00 a pill. The amount of hydrocodone walking the streets and change hands is astonishing. What else you need to know is that the penalties for possessing hydrocodone without a prescription are also very harsh. State prison time of 3 years awaits you if you possess 4 or more pills without a prescription. Florida prosecutors have taken a very tough stance on illegal possession, sale, and trafficking of hydrocodone because of the many deaths associated with the use of the drug. But what if I was arrested in a car where the pills were located and they are not my pills? What if the police raid my home and find the pills but the pills are not mine?

Many times police stop an automobile in Florida, search the vehicle, and find prescription drugs. The law enforcement officer will immediately begin questioning the driver of the automobile after finding the blues as to whose pills they are. If the pills are not the driver’s pills and no one else is in the vehicle then the driver will be arrested for possession of Hydrocodone without a prescription. If there is a bottle of the blues or more than 4 pills in the bottle, then the driver will face trafficking charges, which carry minimum mandatory prison sentences depending on the amount of pills possessed.

What can the accused drug trafficking client argue to get him or herself out of the illegal possession of hydrocodone mess they find themselves in? One very good legal argument to a jury is the prescription defense argument. The prescription defense argument allows the defendant to put forth evidence that someone else who also occupied the house or was in the automobile in fact carelessly or accidentally left the hydrocodone pills behind in his or her house or automobile. Because under Florida law, possession is an element of trafficking in hydrocodone a valid prescription for a controlled substance is an affirmative defense that the accused may argue for possessing the illegal drugs.

As an affirmative defense, the defense of “valid prescription” must be properly argued, during the course of the trial by the criminal defense attorney representing the accused drug trafficker or the affirmative defense will not be charged during jury instructions by the judge. In order to have the proper jury instruction of “valid prescription,” which is an affirmative defense charged to the jury, the criminal trial lawyer must put forth evidence that shows certain requirements like a valid prescription for the hydrocodone at or near the time the drugs were found, must put on testimony of whose where found and allow the valid prescription pill holder to testify how they ended up in the defendant’s house or automobile. West Palm Beach Criminal Attorney Andrew D. Stine has been defending those arrested on prescription drug charges, trafficking in hydrocodone, possession of illegal substances and all drug related charges for over a decade.

West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew D. Stine has over a decade of trial experience in trying drug trafficking, illegal possession of narcotics and all drug related cases. Before you hire a lawyer for a drug trafficking case, ask the lawyer have you any trail experience in “Drug trafficking” cases? How many drug trafficking cases have you tried? Have the lawyer show you on the clerk screen their name as the lawyer of record and results of the trial for drug trafficking. Also remember, if you or loved one has been arrested for drug trafficking in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Wellington, Loxahatchee, Lake Worth, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton or anywhere in Palm Beach County or in the State of Florida hire the experienced criminal defense lawyer of Andrew D. Stine who has trial experience from start to finish-NOT GUILTY in all drug trafficking hydrocodone trials he has conducted. Hire Stine or do the Time.

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