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Protect Your Rights With A Criminal Defense Attorney By Your Side

Criminal law is a branch of law that concerns crimes that are committed against the public authority. Three broad types of crimes appear in the criminal code: misdemeanors, felonies, and treason. Treason is of particular concern because it not only violates the public interest, but also threatens national security and the welfare of the nation itself, which is why treason is accompanied with such severe penalties. Misdemeanors are relatively minor crimes, while felonies are more serious crimes which may accompanied with severe mandatory sentences.

Criminal justice is the application or study of laws regarding criminal behavior. Those who study criminal justice include the police, those working in a judiciary capacity, and lawyers who either defend or prosecute those accused of a crime. It is important that the criminal justice system includes the word justice, since laws applied to those accused of a crime should be fair.

When facing the prospects of jail or prison, you should never be without an attorney. When you are charged with a crime, you may feel that you are presumed guilty. You may have been taken to jail, posted bond and now must follow the Government’s system for dealing with criminally accused. Fortunately, you are not presumed guilty. In fact you are presumed innocent. A strong presumption that remains with you unless the government proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is important to challenge the Government. Whether guilty as charged or wrongly accused, having an attorney is essential to protect your rights, fight for your freedom and advise you throughout the entire process.

Sometimes a resolution without trial may be necessary depending on the evidence the Government has against you. Often times the government has weaknesses in their case and an attorney can articulate reasons why a case should be dismissed or a better disposition should be offered. When facing the prospects of jail or prison, you should never stand by yourself. Source

Lawyer Profession

Over one million lawyers work to assure the principle of equal justice under the law to the people of the United States. The legal field has grown swiftly in recent decades, with the number of lawyers up by more than 400 percent since the 1950s.

A lawyer is both an advisor and an advocate. As an advisor, a lawyer

  • informs clients about the legal consequences of proposed actions
  • drafts legal agreements
  • helps put tangled affairs in order through counseling and negotiation.

As an advocate, a lawyer represents a client in court. A lawyer also advocates on behalf of clients in other settings to resolve disputes out of court.

All lawyers—even those who work for private companies—are officers of the court.

This means that they are regulated by court rules as well as by laws and professional ethics rules. Some lawyers have been appointed or elected to serve as judges. Judges preside in the courtroom. In a jury trial, they rule on points of law and tell the jury about the law that governs the case. If there is no jury, the judge determines the facts, rules on motions, resolves disputes, and issues the judgment.

There are about 30,000 state and federal judges in the United States.

Skills Needed to Be a Lawyer

The qualities needed for a successful legal career include attention to detail, thoroughness of preparation,

and integrity and high ethical standards. Other important abilities include:

  • skill in applying applicable law to the facts of each case,
  • good vocabulary
  • sound reasoning skills
  • the ability to understand complex written material as well as to write clearly and concisely,
  • good memory
  • good listening skills
  • the ability to communicate well orally

Lawyers interested in a career in a courtroom also need the ability to think quickly on their feet, speak

with ease and authority in public, pursue details, and understand courtroom strategy. Source

West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are accused of a crime, your freedom, your family, your reputation, your immigration status, and your job may be at stake. The outcome you receive in the criminal justice system depends upon the experience and knowledge of the defense attorney you choose to represent you.

When you retain the law firm of Andrew D. Stine, P.A., you do not simply retain a nationally recognized criminal defense lawyer. You retain a criminal defense team who has worked together for years and successfully represented clients in virtually every type of criminal case, including:

  • Animal cruelty, such as dog fighting, cock fighting and abandonment
  • Drug crimes, such as drug trafficking and Oxycodone offenses
  • Fraud, such as mortgage fraud, insider trading and mail fraud
  • Traffic offenses, such as DUI
  • Violent crimes, such as domestic violence and battery

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