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Rape Trial of Mr. Henry and Mr. Lherisson Begins At Palm Beach County Courthouse

criminal-defense-150x77Henry and Lherrisson, both 22, each face multiple counts of sexual battery, robbery and false imprisonment. Their attorneys Andrew Stine and Josh Leroy in opening statements to jurors in the trial Monday said the victims’ stories were inconsistent. For a full report please visit Palm Beach Post article.

Stine in his questioning of one of the teens asked him over and over again what happened to the clothes he was forced to strip out of that afternoon

“You wouldn’t know to give your clothes over to police for evidence, because that’s something that you would expect law enforcement to know to do, wouldn’t you?” he asked the teen.

“Yes,” the teen answered.”

Investigators arrested Henry soon after the February 2010 incident, and a day later they arrested then 17-year-old Spencer Britt as his accomplice. But investigators soon afterwards released Britt, charging Lherisson in the case some five months later.

Testimony in the case is expected to stretch past the next two weeks. If convicted, both Henry and Lherisson face up to life in prison.

Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew D. Stine

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Below is Andrew Stine’s insight on this case.

The most visceral rape ever reported in the history of Palm Beach County, Florida is under way. Four children accuse Mr. Henry and Mr. Lherisson of making all of them engage in various sexual acts while under the watchful eye of a firearm. The children ranging in ages from 15-17, when the alleged rapes occurred two years ago are all Hispanic. By contrast the two defendants are of Haitian heritage. The defendants are charged with 17 counts of sexual battery against a person under the age of 18 years old and with the use of a firearm. Each count carries a punishable by life sentence. The State is arguing the sex acts occurred and these men are responsible and should pay the maximum penalty under the law “life in prison.”

West Palm Beach Criminal Attorney defending Mr. Henry says otherwise. Attorney Andrew Stine says, first the crime never occurred and second Mr. Henry was not even involved with the location where the children say these horrific acts of sex and drugs took place. The children are known pot smokers and were getting high in an abandon house after skipping school from Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, Florida on a cool day in feburary 2010 when they say the forced sex under the pretense of the firearm suddenly happened and against their consent. Mr. Henry’s criminal defense lawyer says otherwise and has poked gaping holes in the testimony of the first allege victim Mr. LAH. Yes the initials are being used because of the children’s young and tender ages. The memory of LAH was as porous as Swiss cheese and after the vigorous cross examination by Palm Beach Florida

Attorney Andrew Stine’story of Mr. LAH became transparent to all in the courtroom. Cross examination by Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Stine brought out key evidence that LAH allegedly wiped off all the fingers prints and DNA from the location of this horrible sexual assault, after the event occurred, with a white t-shirt and took it home and then laundered it forever destroying the most critical piece of evidence linking anyone to the location of this abandon house the DNA. The vigorous cross examination pointed out the unbelieved evidence provided by Mr. LAH as he wanted the jury to believe he and his friends were just made to perform sex acts against each other and he was smart enough to wipe up the DNA and take the evidence with him to his house so he could launder it. The trial will continue today at 9:45 am in the Palm Beach Courthouse and is expect to run for two to three more weeks.

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