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Record Number of Illegal Immigrant Deportations

deportation-immigrant-criminal-defenseImmigration is a tricky subject. If you are an immigrant, legal or illegal, and you are accused of a serious crime, you could be facing potential deportation. Regardless of your legal status you need to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. This is the only chance you have at staying in this country. The law does not take immigration lightly and while there is momentum in changing immigration legislation, for now, being an illegal or even legal immigrant can be a precarious thing.

Possible Immigrants Land on Shore

There are so many stories about the coast guard catching speed boats racing towards our shores carrying loads of people entering our country illegally. Recently, nine people were taken into custody late Thursday as a result of a possible immigrant landing on Hutchinson Island, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Officials are still in the area, looking for up to five more people. At about 10 p.m. Thursday, deputies found six men and three women in the area of MacArthur Boulevard, sheriff’s spokeswoman Rhonda Irons said. The men and women appeared to be of Colombian descent, Irons said. They were on foot and no vessel was located, according to WPTV News.

Record Number of Deportations in 2011

According to WPTV News, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director said in a statement late last year saying that 2011 fiscal year produced nearly 400,000 deportations involving immigrants committing serious crimes including both felony and misdemeanor convictions. The agency says that this number is up 89 percent from 2008 and is the largest in history.

Among those deported were more than 1,000 people convicted of homicide. Another 5,800 were sexual offenders, and about 80,000 people convicted of drug crimes or DUI‘s.

Authorities say two-thirds of those deported either recently crossed the border or had done so repeatedly.

Criminal Defense

If you are an immigrant and you have been accused of a crime, you have a serious chance of being deported back to your country. Even being found in the U.S. again after your deportation is a felony. Contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately after your arrest as he is your only hope at staying in the country.

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