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Representing Yourself Or Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

LawGavel-150x150“In propria persona, pro se = Latin; in one’s own person, on one’s own behalf. “

Being arrested for a crime cannot be taken lightly. Even though people have a right to represent themselves in court, choosing to do so is rarely advisable.  There are certain requirements that a person must meet in order to represent himself or herself. He who represents himself as his lawyer has a fool for a client. Never navigate the waters by yourself; have an experienced captain at the helm.

1. You will be faced with a qualified and competent Assistant State Attorney, the prosecutor, who will challenge you in court and not spare you. The Assistant State Attorney may choose to be especially ruthless as winning is everything in the courtroom and the smell of inexperience drives the government lawyer to be more aggressive.  In addition, the Assistant State Attorney, the prosecutor, will set up traps along the way to make the situation worse, actions that he or she wouldn’t pull if you had hired a professional Criminal Trial attorney.

2. People may choose to represent themselves to save money on legal fees. The chances of you losing the case are high, and at the end you will end up end up paying much more. The most costly result will be if you end up spending time in jail by losing your liberty.

3. The fact that an attorney represents people found on the wrong end of the law, calls for some confidence and swagger on their part. Doing the same thing many times over gives a criminal lawyer confidence and one learns the culture of the workplace which is also another advantage that an attorney will have someone who has a fool for a client. You might know all the facts of the case better than anyone alive, but if you do not know how to present them, what is relevant, and at what stage to object to irreverent facts, then chances of winning the case are slim to none and slim just left town.

4. An experienced criminal defense attorney will always have an upper hand and will have proper preparation because they are highly trained and know every step of the legal process and what is involved. Plus, with Andrew D. Stine this stuff is personal. There is a lot of paperwork and waiting, numerous procedures to go through and lots of stress. The burdens of trial preparation and the actually courtroom presentation can be cumbersome and timely, leave it to an experienced trial attorney and in the end you will be less burdened and stressed.

5. Judges may not be sympathetic to people who choose to represent themselves. Time is of the essence in all criminal matters as important evidence can be wasted, lost or destroyed if not properly gathered.  If you waste time, due to lack of knowledge and procedures, you stand a high chance of being sanctioned by the judge and losing at trial.

Hire an attorney that has proper training, expertise and knowledge to handle your most pressing problems in life like being arrested, indicted or criminal trial. Worth is one night in jail worth to you? What is your reputation worth if you are convicted of a felony? Hire a lawyer do not do this by yourself, the results may be life changing.

There are many criminal defense attorneys available in your area. How do you choose a good criminal defense attorney to represent you? Here are a few steps:


Most attorneys offer a free consultation. You should not expect to get any legal advice during your free consultation. Many people mistakenly believe that a free lawyer consultation involves getting some legal advice, but the majority of lawyers will not offer it until they receive some form of compensation. A consultation is normally set up to give a lawyer and a potential client a chance to meet and determine whether the client could benefit from the lawyer’s services depending on her situation.

Your attorney will be able to explain the charges against you. They will hear your facts and be able to tell you how the law might apply to your situation. Your attorney will tell you what the penalties are for someone convicted of the crime with which you are charged. An experienced criminal defense attorney should be able to tell you a likely penalty based upon what you tell him about yourself and the offense itself.

Attorney Experience

Some of the questions you should ask your lawyer are:

1.      How long have you been a criminal defense lawyer?

2.      Have you ever prosecuted anyone or always defended the accused?

3.      How many years have you been practicing criminal law?

4.      How much experience do you have handling criminal cases such as mine?

5.      What is your success rate in handling cases such as mine?

6.      Do you have a list of references I can call?

7.      Case Assessment Questions

8.      Have you ever handled a criminal case like mine?

9.      What has been your success rate in handling criminal cases like mine?

10.  Could you explain the process for handling a criminal case like mine?

11.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?

12.  How long do you think it will take to resolve my case?

13.  What type of approach will you take to resolve my case?

14.  Will I have to go to trial or are there any other ways to resolve my case?

15.  How long do criminal cases typically take to resolve?

16.  How many trails have you concluded?

17.  What is your win loss rate?

18.  Will you be handling my file or an associate or coverage attorney?

Hiring a lawyer is the most important matter you will make. Make the right decision.

Hire Stine Or Do the Time

Andrew Stine is a knowledgeable and passionate defense lawyer with over 10 years of experience. A staunch believer in every American citizen’s unalienable rights to a fair trial: to cross examine the State’s witnesses, to make the State prove their case beyond and to the exclusion of every doubt of every element of the crime, and to make sure judge’s do not take the government’s side as most judges are former prosecutors, Stine is tenacious and unrelenting when protecting the rights of those accused of criminal offenses in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida. In fact, protecting rights and ensuring respect for due process is what drew Andrew D. Stine to become a legal advocate. Andrew D. Stine handles your file by himself from start to finish. No associates or coverage attorneys. No conveyor belt justice where you give a lawyer money and they push you down the process into the PLEA! Stine goes to trial and he wins!

While protecting your rights is Andrew D Stine’s first priority, he also realizes that when you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime in Florida your freedom, family, reputation, prosperity, and job may be at stake. He will work with you to determine the most favorable outcome for your case, whether that be fighting for a not guilty verdict at trial or fiercely negotiating with the prosecution to reduce your charges. Stine is able to get many clients into a PTI plea agreement or have the Felony reduced to a Misdemeanor through his “ROAD MAP” of success. Criminal Lawyer Stine sets up a road map of things for the client to do like classes, community service, a letter of apology, paying back restitution, staying away from certain people or places, a driving class, an alcohol or drug class and a litany of many other resourceful programs in order to have the State drop the charges against the accused. Andrew D. Stine is here to help you or your loved one.

Your first consultation with Andrew D. Stine, P.A. is free, so call 561-832-1170 today and schedule yours.

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