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The Road Map to Success

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Andrew D. Stine uses his knowledge of Florida’s laws to devise a plan for each client to follow. This helps each client achieve the best possible result in every outcome. This plan is known as the “Road Map to Success.”

How the Road Map to Success Can Help You

The “Road Map to Success” begins as soon as the client provides Andrew Stine with the initial intake. Because he has handled thousands of criminal files, in just the time it takes to complete the free one half-hour consultation, Andrew Stine can honestly and independently provide the client with options on how the criminal matter can be resolved.

Many criminal defendants just want to put the episode or event that brought them into the law office behind them, and move forward in their lives. Some people charged with a crime want to proceed to trial because of a prior criminal record or must do so because of the nature of the crime.

The “Road Map to Success” is not a prohibition on those who want to go to trial. No matter how challenging the scenario, Attorney Stine prides himself on providing individual plans or “Road Maps to Success” for each of his clients, so that they may receive the best results in and out of the Courtroom.

In most traffic violation cases and some felony property crimes, the criminal matters can be resolved without the client ever visiting the courtroom. This has been made possible through Andrew Stine’s advice of providing the client with “programs” to complete prior to the defendant’s upcoming court date.

These educational and learning programs include many different forms, including: classes offered by PRIDE Probation, Non-Profit Groups throughout the communities, Community service hours, Drug and Alcohol Programs, Physical and Mental Health Evaluations, Driving School and an array of many other available pre-trial options.

Andrew Stine will also fully investigate the facts of your case and gather witness statements, victim statements, and other pertinent evidence that can be used in conjunction with the programs you may be required or asked to complete to have your criminal case resolved.

Possible Dismissal of a Case

Many times the criminal case against you will be Nolle Prossed. This means the case will be dismissed. If the case is dismissed, then you will be eligible to have your record expunged or sealed. You can then move forward with your life and put the criminal matter in your rear view mirror where it belongs.

Additionally, the Assistant State Attorney or Assistant United States Attorney handling your file knows nothing or little about you. In ever jurisdiction, the prosecutors throughout America are extremely busy with heavy case loads and cannot expect to know everyone they are prosecuting.

So, by you following the “Road Map to Success” the prosecutor is immediately provided with a glimpse of who you are: (i) other then what the Law Enforcement Officers told the prosecutor about you in their reports; (ii) other then what the victims told the prosecutor about who you are in their written statements and (iii) other then what the prosecutor believed about who you were when he initially picked up your file that morning over coffee in their office before coming to court.

Proactively Fighting Your Charges

Prosecutors consistently have heavy caseloads and want to get rid of or purge some of their files. It is impossible for the government o fully prosecute ever person charged with a criminal act. So, when Attorney Stine provides the prosecutor PROOF that the person charged with the crime has completed the “Road Map to Success” the defendant is immediately moved to the top of the prosecutor’s list of cases which may be dismissed. This is because the person is now viewed as someone who takes “responsibility for their actions.”

This “responsibility” comes from the fact that the defendant or accused engaged in “services” through the “Road Map of Success” provided by Attorney Stine. These services that the accused completed show responsibility to the prosecutor. And prosecutors much like judges; view a criminal defendant who takes responsibility for their actions, as someone who is more likely than not in deserving of a second chance. This further pushes the Nolle Prosse in your direction.

In addition, the “Road Map to Success” allows the accused to engage in personal self-help services, community service and “if needed” to pay back restitution, the accused has “given back” to society and the victim. By getting services that help the accused, so that anger problems or other situations are resolved and by given back to society through community service hours to none profit agencies like a soup kitchens, local Churches or Synagogues, Dog or Animal Shelters and the like, coupled with restitution if needed, shows that the defendant has been rehabilitated and “paid” for their crimes.

Prosecutors understand that if the person accused of a crime has “self-rehabilitated” then they are serious about what occurred and are not likely to again commit a crime, therefore the Nolle Prosse or Dismissal of your case is realized.

Andrew Stine’s Methods are Effective

The “Road Map to Success” has worked for thousands of clients charged with criminal cases throughout Florida. Whether you are charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor it does not matter, there is a “Road Map to Success” waiting for you. If you want to put your criminal matter behind you, and into your Rear View Mirror, then give Andrew Stine a call at 561.880.4300 and he will put you in the Driver Seat to help free you from the prosecution you are facing and through his “Road Map to Success” you will receive your Nolle Prosse or Dismissal of the charges against you.