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Should Doctors at Pain Clinics be Worried?

pill-mill-drug-trafficking_180x120Law enforcement officers in South Florida are cracking down on pain clinics. The FDLE and DEA are very concerned with the amount of prescription pain pills that are being illegally peddled through pain clinics. The doctors of several pain clinics have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking. There is usually a residual charge of fraud as well. A criminal defense lawyer can explain the whole process if you have been charged with drug trafficking.

Pill Mill in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach doctor Dr. John Christensen is under investigation after the FDLE conducted a raid on his pain clinics and home, totaling in a raid of four locations. Dr. Christensen has not been arrested or charged with any crime but due to the multi-agency investigation, his license to practice as a doctor or a chiropractor has been suspended.

According to WTPV News, Dr. Christensen’s business is called the A1A Health and Wellness Clinic. The FDLE seized patient records and computer hard drives. A witness said the business was only accepting cash.

Mike Driscoll, the FDLE Resident Agent in Charge says, “It was brought to our attention that possibly other illegal activities were occurring involving the prescription of narcotics – pain medication and so forth.”

According to WPTV News, Florida’s Department of Health just released the details of the emergency suspension order against Dr. Christensen. According to the document, it claims that Dr. Christensen sold illegal prescription drugs between May of 2008 and June of this year, without performing any medical exams on the patients receiving the medications. It also claims Dr. Christensen committed insurance fraud.

Prescription Drug Trafficking Defense

Drug trafficking in the state of Florida is a serious offense. Doctors that prescribe pain pills without exams will be charged severely. The only person that can protect your rights and ensure you a fair trial is a criminal defense lawyer.

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