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Aggravated Battery in the Game of Golf

According to the Palm Beach Post, a relaxing day of golf turned violent when a man became agitated and attacked his two partners with a putter. According to the police report, Michael Rich, of Royal Palm Beach, is in jail facing two counts of aggravated battery. Rich allegedly hit Roy Hall on the back of his leg with a golf putter and then swinging the broken golf club like a sword, struck Anthony Nazzaro, 72 years old, on the wrist. In Florida, Aggravated Battery is defined as a simple battery, which is touching another person against their will or without their consent, and when committing the simple battery the person intentionally or knowingly causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, and permanent disfigurement to the victim or uses a deadly weapon,… […]

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What is Stabbing in Criminal Law?

What is Stabbing in Criminal Law?

Stabbing is a serious crime as it can be deemed it court as assault with a deadly weapon (aggravated assault) or even attempted murder. These two crimes are both felonies but the sentences may vary depending on the circumstances of the crime. Also, stabbing may have residual charges depending on the situation as well. If the stabbing coincided with theft or robbery, the multiple charges could have a serious impact on the sentence and court proceedings. Aggravated Assault Aggravated Assault according to Florida Statute 784.011 is covers a broad range of illegal actions. These include but are not limited to intentionally threatening a person so that person feels imminent threat of violence or danger. It can also be defined as assault with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon used is very important during the court process because using a knife… […]

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