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Florida Law Enforcement, Drones, And The Fourth Amendment

What does Florida Law say about Law Enforcement Officers using drones or unmanned aircraft to search property of Florida land owners?  Florida legislatures in their wisdom, during the 23rd Legislative session, and through the signature of Governor Rick Scott, provided all Floridians with preservation of freedom from unlawful 4th Amendment spying through unmanned drone use by law enforcement officers. But did they go far enough in protecting Floridians 4th Amendment Rights to unreasonable searches of their real property against drone abuses? Florida Gen Stat. 934.50 prohibits use of drones or unmanned aircraft from gathering evidence or information from Floridians that does not purport with the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution. This means that drones or unmanned aircraft cannot be lawfully be flown indiscriminately over your “real property” with… […]

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