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Methamphetamine Charges and Sentencing in Florida

Methamphetamine is an illegal drug that causes almost immediate addiction, according to those addicts who have used the drug and in all scientific studies. In Florida, it is illegal to possess methamphetamine, manufacture methamphetamine and possess the ingredients in total to manufacture or make the drug and it is illegal to provide assistants to those who sell, manufacture or possess methamphetamine. The common ingredients in manufacturing methamphetamine are: sodium hydroxide or lye; anhydrous anomia which is used in fertilizer and commercial refrigerators; iodine; red phosphorus, which is found in the tips of matches; ephedrine, found in Sudafed and other cold sinus medicines; Ether; Drano; Brake Fluid, Coleman Camping Fluid and hydrochloric acid, used as a corrosive cleaner for metals and leather. When law enforcement officer in Florida, have probable cause… […]

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