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Miranda Warnings and DUI Arrests

The routine DUI stop in Palm Beach County, Florida results in the suspected driver being asked many questions. The driver may not have had the privilege of Miranda, the driver’s right to a lawyer before answering any of the police officer’s questions. Is this okay? Is this legal? What other obstacles am I facing as a suspected DUI driver in Palm Beach County, Florida? As the suspected DUI driver, can I get information and the field sobriety tests that I provided to law enforcement suppressed or thrown out? How does this work? The leading case on the issue of suppressing what a driver tells a investigating police officer, who elicits information from the suspected dui driver without the protection of one’s Miranda warnings, comes from the U.S. Supreme court decision… […]

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Why You Must Know Your “Miranda Rights”

Why You Must Know Your “Miranda Rights”

When accused of a crime and arrested by the police the most natural emotion is fear. Unfortunately, fear often leads individuals to make dire mistakes given the circumstances and chief among those mistakes is talking to the police without an attorney. A clear head and a knowledge of how real world cases are handled is essential in this situation. Television media has given many false impressions about what happens after an arrest as well as at trial. In television law dramas confessions are forced out of all to loose-lipped suspects and defendants are badgered into confessions on the witness stand. In reality, a person accused of a crime has certain protective rights; rights he or she needs to know and exercise. These are commonly known as the “Miranda Rights.” In… […]

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