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Undercover Prostitution Stings in South Florida

Law enforcement officials in South Florida are increasing their efforts to put “Johns” behind bars with their anti-prostitution campaigns.  In Palm Beach County, FL undercover Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputies are walking South Dixie Highway, in the area of Lake-Worth, FL to apprehend individuals who are looking to pay for sex. In South Miami, FL the Dade County Sheriff’s Office is using reverse stings to catch individuals trying to solicit prostitutes from internet websites like Backpage.com and Craigslist.com. Sources close to the prostitution sting being conducted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Lake-Worth, FL indicate that undercover female officers walking South Dixie Highway, posing as working girls, have netted well over 30 arrest per day of would be Johns. The South Miami operation is also netting tens of… […]

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