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Violating Probation in Palm Beach County

Violating Probation in Palm Beach County, FL can result in the probationer being incarcerated. If a probationer violates Felony Probation, the term of incarceration is determined by the sentencing guideline score sheet. If the probationer violates misdemeanor probation or DUI probation, then the maximum sentence is fixed by one year in jail for1st Degree Misdemeanors and 60 days in jail for 2nd Degree Misdemeanors. While on probation, the probationer must follow the rules of probation which the judge orally places on the record and which the probationer is responsible for knowing either through their probation officer or through self-knowledge of the law. The General conditions of felony probation as enumerated in Florida General Statute 948.03 are as follows: (i)             probationer is given a specific length of probation time (ii)            probationer is given… […]

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