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Toyota Recall Lawsuits in Florida

Toyota owners are flooding courthouses across the country with lawsuits. Customers are suing the automaker for lost economic value of the cars and cases where they have experienced some kind of unintended acceleration. Also, and more seriously, lawsuits are being filed for wrongful death and fraud.

One lawsuit that was filed in January in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida is seeking $1 billion in damages in behalf of nationwide class of consumers. About 15 law firms have been working together in the Florida-filed lawsuit, and they plan to file another three dozen more lawsuits in the next two weeks in 25 states. In the coming weeks, consumer class-action lawsuits are going to be filed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Eight more lawsuits have also been filed recently in federal courts in Texas, California, Louisiana, South Carolina, Ohio and Canada. Most of the lawsuits are class-action lawsuits, which claim their Toyota vehicles have lost economic value since the announcement of the recall. In a large number of the cases, the plaintiffs have encountered some sort of unintended acceleration with their vehicles but did not have any actual injuries.

Here is a short list of allegations raised in some of these lawsuits:

Wrongful Death. Some lawsuits charge that family members died because of unintentional or sudden acceleration that caused Toyota drivers to crash and lose their lives.

Sudden or Unintended Acceleration. Toyota and Lexus owners are claiming that their cars accelerated when their feet were on the brakes, or during their normal driving.

Breach of Warranty. Many lawsuits allege that Toyota breached warranties that it gave owners, eg. their cars would be fit to drive, and due so safely.

Electronic Throttle Control System defects. Owners allege that the electronic systems of their Toyota’s lack a fail-safe that can override an electronic defect when their accelerator or gas pedal is pushed.

Fraud. Owners charge that they are victims of Toyota’s alleged fraud in selling them defective cars that were supposed to be safe.

Negligence, Defective Product and Product Liability. Toyota owners charge that they are driving defective cars that Toyota negligently manufactured.

Lawsuits can be filed in a state or Federal district court. Any licensed attorney can file a Toyota recall lawsuit for you. It seems that most of the lawsuits have been filed in federal courts in order to get as many potential plaintiffs across the country as possible.

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