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Underage Drinking and DUI’s in Palm Beach County

policecardui_180x120-150x118Florida is cracking down on underage drinking and drunk driving. A DUI arrest in Florida is a serious offense. There are severe short and long term consequences. A Florida DUI should be taken very seriously. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you must have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to help you fight the charges and rebuild your life.

It is important to understand the law and consequences of being arrested for DUI. In the state of Florida, a driver with drugs or alcohol in his or her system can be arrested for a DUI for driving as though impaired. It does not matter how much alcohol is in a driver’s system. Or, a driver can be arrested based on his or her blood alcohol levels. A Florida driver’s BAL must be lower than .08%.

The State of Florida’s policy is that your driver’s license will be automatically suspended 10 days after the date your arrest. Although you have an option to request a hearing, your chances of actually keeping your driving privileges are significantly higher if you have an equipped defense attorney to represent you.

In the state of Florida, consequences of a DUI arrest may include:

  • Between a $250 and $1000 fine
  • 50 hours of community service
  • Up to 9 months in jail
  • 10 days of vehicle impoundment
  • DUI education requirements
  • Ignition interlock on your vehicle

License suspension is dependent on the severity of your case:

  • First offense – 180 days to 1 year
  • Second offense – at least 5 years
  • Third offense – at least 10 years
  • Fourth offense – permanent revocation

Also, many insurance companies will not grant you policies after being convicted of a Florida DUI. Your current insurance companies may even drop your policy.

Call an experienced DUI attorney to help you understand the law and consequences, battle through the legal challenges, and lessen charges.

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