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Update: Fort Lauderdale Cops Surrender and Criminally Charged

fort-lauderdale-crime-lawyer_180x120It seems that we are hearing about cops committing crimes more often these days. It has been rumored that when police officers are charged with crimes, they suffer sentences that are much less severe than those of average citizens. This is evidenced by the fact that even when law enforcement officers are on leave after the crime surfaced, they are still paid.

Fort Lauderdale Cops Criminally Charged

Last week, WPTV News reported that at least two Fort Lauderdale police officers accused of stealing cash and drugs from pain clinic clients, kidnapping a man and lying about cases were expected to be criminally charged this week. Detectives Billy Koepke and Brian Dodge turned themselves in at the Broward Main Jail Thursday night.

Koepke and Dodge, both members of the Street Crimes Unit, have been under investigation for months. The unit is better known by its old name: the Raiders, according to WPTV News. The two are charged with racketeering, kidnapping, grand theft, extortion and official misconduct, prosecutors said. Both officers face at least 15 criminal counts each.

“Officers Dodge and Koepke were involved in an ‘ongoing pattern of criminal conduct’ that focused on stealing money and pills from patrons of pain clinics,” said Ron Ishoy, a spokesman for Broward State Attorney Mike Satz.

The FBI and Fort Lauderdale Police Department conducted the investigation with state prosecutors, Ishoy said. Arrest documents and full details of the allegations were not immediately available.

Dodge’s criminal defense attorney stated that there is no hard evidence, there was no warrant, and that the case is still up in the air because the investigation failed to provide any proof. However, the two detectives were caught on camera conducting an arrest that conflicted with their written reports of what actually happened.

Dodge has a previous record of being suspended for misconduct and abusing the privileges of his position as an officer of the law.

Criminal Defense

Dodge and Koepke both have a criminal defense lawyer that will conduct their own investigations in order to provide their clients with the strongest possible defense. A criminal defense lawyer can help you through any difficult legal process if you have been accused of a crime. Criminal charges can be extremely serious and there is no reason you should go at it alone, a criminal defense lawyer can be a part of your team to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

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