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West Palm Beach Defense Attorney Reports Protestor Arrests Highly Suspicious

Recent arrests of Anonymous protestors for trespassing were completely politically motivated says Andrew Stine West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney.

On May 20, 2016 the West Palm Beach Police Department arrested many “protesters”, belonging to a group called Anonymous, for “trespassing,” reports West Palm Beach defense attorney Andrew Stine. The protestors were calling for the arrest of Officer Nouman Raja, the off-duty Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer, who shot to death Corey Jones. The protest started at the Palm Beach County Courthouse. The arrest of the protestors was triggered, however, not at the governmental building in downtown West Palm Beach, FL, but at an open field located close to the home of the Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg. Dave Aronberg is the top prosecutor in Palm Beach County, FL and has built a reputation for not arresting police officers that shoot and kill or seriously maim unarmed civilians. As a matter of fact, Aronberg has built a reputation of protecting “bad cops”, even those murdering deputies that are committing burglaries on private citizens’ property, like the case of Seth Adams of Loxahatchee, FL or those who have automobile malfunctions on the side of a public roadway and are awaiting help, like Corey Jones in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

The ire that Aronberg has raised with many throughout South Florida is for his constant protection of “bad cops,” which came to a boiling point for the top prosecutor when he found out through news sources that someone hacked into a State run website and his home address was made public knowledge. Aronberg armed with the news of the protest, after learning of his personal information being hacked, immediately huddled with the West Palm Beach Police Department and devised a plan to have the protestors arrested when they crossed an “open field” located near Aronberg’s home.

This plan hatched by Aronberg, and implemented through the West Palm Beach Police Department, was well schemed and designed, because the West Palm Beach Police Department did not receive the customary “911” call about the protestors being unruly or disruptive, which is generally the fact. Instead, here the “cops” followed the protestors in an unmarked van, armed like Schutzastaffel troops in another era, when government also used their strong hand to imprison those who voiced opposition to government killings of its citizens, and used similar jump out tactics to arrest the peaceful protestors; not because they were acting violent, but because they got too close to the home of the top prosecutor.

The location of the protestors’ arrest, adds defense attorney Stine, an open field, had no barricades, no fences, and no other barriers that would lead anyone to believe that the public could enter and walk across the open field, with the risk of being rounded up by the cops. As a matter of fact, the protesters have made it clear that there were no visible “No Trespassing” signs posted anywhere near the property where they crossed in the direction of Aronberg’s home. Interestingly enough, one member of the press was also arrested, but has since had the criminal charges Nolle Prossed, as is being reported by local press outlets.

Criminal defense attorney Stine explains that trespass under Florida Law, can be found in Florida Statute Section 810.011; which defines the ”condition precedents” for actual “trespassing” before someone can be arrested in matters like this: walking across an open field or across open land. Florida law states that the land must have signs placed no more than 500 feet apart along, and at each corner of, the boundaries of the land, upon which signs there appears prominently, in letters of not less than 2 inches in height, the words “no trespassing” and in addition thereto the name of the owner, lessee, or occupant of said land. Said signs shall be placed along the boundary line of posted land in a manner and in such position as to be clearly noticeable from outside the boundary line. The signs must be conspicuous, stating no trespassing, with the notice painted on trees or posts on the property, provided that the notice is: Painted in an international orange color and displaying the stenciled words “No Trespassing” in letters no less than 2 inches high and 1 inch wide either vertically or horizontally; placed so that the bottom of the painted notice is not less than 3 feet from the ground or more than 5 feet from the ground; and placed at locations that are readily visible to any person approaching the property and no more than 500 feet apart on agricultural land.

Under Florida’s black letter law and with the many appellate cases that have defined this issue of trespassing, the courts have made it clear that they will strictly apply the “condition precedent” before a person or persons, like the protesters here, can be convicted for peacefully walking across an open field. As a matter of fact, the first order of business for the protesters is to file what is known as a C-4 motion to dismiss, wherein they would argue that given the law as written, the police do not have probable cause to arrest the protesters, given that the government cannot show at trial the “condition precedents” were satisfied, before arresting those protesters for walking across an abandoned, open and not properly posted field. This is clearly a case predicated on politics and as Floridians we should all stand against these types of strong arm tactics!

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Palm Beach County, FL for any criminal problem or are facing arrest, indictment or investigation in any wrongdoing, contact West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine, who stands next to you and fights for your rights, at 561 832 1170. Hire Stine or Do the Time!

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