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dwi-attorneyDrunk driving is the most common traffic rule violation. In Florida this is the most serious traffic crime. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) rate is higher than 0.08, you will be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drug. If this is your first conviction, you will face monetary fine up to $500, community service for 50 hours, license suspension, even prison time. This penalty may increase in case of second offense, higher BAC rate and presence of a minor inside your car. Furthermore, if you commit any other offense within short time span of being charged with DUI, the penalty of that offense will increase too.

1st Conviction

You can be found guilty

Be fined anywhere from $500 to $1,000

Go to jail for 6 months

Your car can be locked if the breathalyzer registered more than 1.5 and you had a minor in the car with you

Complete DUI Level 1 School and get counseling

Probation of up to 12 months

50 hours of community service

10 day vehicle impound based on specific facts

2nd conviction:

Can find you guilty

A fine of $1,000

Your vehicle will be locked for one year

If your 2nd conviction is within five years of the first one, you can be imprisoned for ten days

Complete DUI Level II School

Your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days

12 month probation

3rd conviction:

If the third conviction comes within ten years after the 2nd conviction, there will be a felony conviction

The vehicle will be locked for 2 years

There will be a fine of $2,000

If this conviction occurs within ten years of the second conviction, a jail sentence of 30 days many be imposed

A 90 day vehicle impound based on specific facts


The most important thing in DUI/DWI cases is early intervention by your attorney. This preliminary involvement will help you avoid the consequences of a conviction, which are very serious in Florida. We will also represent you at your hearing before the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles in order to protect your right to drive.

In addition to DUI/DWI charges, we represent clients in DUI accident cases, including

  • Leaving the scene of accident with severe bodily injury
  • DUI/DWI severe bodily injury
  • DUI/DWI homicide
  • DUI/DWI manslaughter

There are defenses in DUI accident cases, which an experienced and capable lawyer can use. Even if you made a statement to police during your arrest, our lawyers can usually get that evidence thrown out of court. Any statement you give officers cannot be used against you due to the Florida accident report privilege.

Free consultation 24/7: Call West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer Andrew D. Stine, P.A. at 561.880.4300 Se habla español.

Protecting your right to drive

Unless your request a DMV hearing within 10 days of arrest, you will lose your driver’s license. Even if your license is revoked, we can apply for a hardship license, which is usually immediately granted to you. We have never had a hardship license denied to one of our clients. Contact Andrew D. Stine today.

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