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West Palm Beach Smoke Shop Workers Arrested for Selling Synthetic Marijuana

The DEA deemed synthetic marijuana, or synthetic cannabinoids and stimulants into the Controlled Susbtances Act, making it very illegal to possess or sell any substance that is considered a synthetic alternative to marijuana. Spice and K2 are incenses created by a mixture of chemicals that people have been smoking, as it has a similar stimulating effect to that of marijuana. Selling any controlled substance is a felony and if you are accused of this crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Synthetic Marijuana in West Palm Beach

According to WPTV News, a three-month investigation into the suspected sale of illegal “synthetic marijuana” resulted in the arrests Thursday of a suburban West Palm Beach smoke shop owner and a shop employee, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

Monica Lee, 37, the shop owner, and employee Hope Shipley, 27 were arrested after the two were caught red-handed selling banned synthetic substances to undercover agents at A Hidden Treasure Smoke Shop. Lee is charged with one felony count of unlawful possession of property for sale of a controlled substance, and one felony count of sale of a controlled substance. Shipley is charged with three counts of sale of a controlled substance.

The shop was under investigation because authorities had suspicions that the shop was selling banned substances like the incenses Mr. Nice Guy, Spice and K2 to customers who specifically asked for it, police said.

Synthetic substances can pose health risks, said Tate Yeatman, a sheriff’s office forensic scientist. In March, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency placed several synthetic cannabinoids and stimulants into the Controlled Substances Act. Yeatman stated that these synthetic types are much more potent than the THC in marijuana.

Controlled Substance Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of drug possession or drug trafficking, you are at the beginning of a long, complex legal process. A criminal defense lawyer can help simplify things for you. A lawyer may be able to conduct his own investigation into your situation to prepare the best defense possible. You need legal help if you want to get through the process with the least possible ramifications.

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