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What Are Common Misconceptions People Have About Drug Charges?

One of the misconceptions is that marijuana is legal. Marijuana is illegal in Florida. It’s not legal for any reason. The possession of marijuana doesn’t have a wait requirement on the low end, so if you just possess a seed, a flake, it’s illegal in the state of Florida. If you’re adjudicated guilty of a drug crime in the state of Florida, it’ll adversely affect your driver’s license. You can lose your driver’s license for a year or years, depending on the pronouncement of the sentence of the court.

Being adjudicated guilty of possession of marijuana of 20 grams will automatically trigger the Department of Motor Vehicles of Florida (DMV) to revoke your driving privileges in the state of Florida. That can have an adverse effect on your employment, it can also have an adverse effect on your ability to go back and forth to school, your ability to pick up/drop off children if you have children, and your ability to just function in everyday life because Florida is a state where a vehicle is needed just to get around to do daily chores and activities.

Another misconception is that the weight requirement in Florida on the possession of marijuana includes prescription drugs. Four or more pills is a minimum mandatory sentence. If you’re in possession of four or more pills illegally, you can get a minimum of 3 years in prison. Each pill is considered a gram, even though they may not contain a gram of the illegal drug listed within the pill.

These are the misconceptions that I see often and they’re some of the pitfalls that individuals face and that’s why having an experienced drug lawyer to help navigate these areas is crucial in drug cases.

What are Some Mitigating Factors for a Drug Related Charge in Florida?

If you’re recently charged with a drug offense, there are several things that must be done. The first is to hire a competent counsel who has dealt with drug cases because the investigation that a good criminal defense attorney will go into is imperative in putting the case in a good posture so that the best possible result can be obtained.

For instance, getting the cell phone records if the cell phone was allegedly used to set up any drug deals to see if there is a possible entrapment defense, getting any and all video surveillance tapes that may exist where the alleged drugs were either possessed or where they were sold or distributed. Many businesses have video cameras placed in locations where it may catch the arrest, the apprehension, the alleged transaction.

You must preserve those video tapes immediately, you must preserve the cell phone records immediately, you must also immediately get, if one wants, a drug evaluation and seek any treatment if that is something that you are interested in doing to resolve your case through a negotiated plea because if you are amenable to drug treatment, it shows good faith to the court and also to the prosecutors.

Another important matter is to have the investigative process look at who the players are, who’s allegedly involved in the drug sale, the drug transaction, and the distribution. Is one of the persons involved the confidential informant? Is that person going to receive benefit from the state of Florida for them setting up the alleged drug dealer, the alleged drug seller or the alleged drug possessor? They’re important factors that will go into how strong the state’s case is.

Invoking one’s rights and speaking to the accused about what other things may be out there regarding money and bank accounts. Illegal contraband may be dwellings like houses, bonds, grow houses, and to discuss those matters with the target, the one who’s been accused, the one who’s been arrested for the illegal drug crimes so that the matter which is bad because one’s been accused or arrested of a drug crime doesn’t get worse.

Seeking immediate help from a criminal defense attorney who’s experienced in these areas is not only beneficial to resolve the matter in the best possible light but to prevent future problems.

How Hard Have You Seen Drug Charges Affect People’s Lives?

Drug crimes affect people’s lives in many different ways. It could have a negative impact on their liberty, their freedom, it can negatively impact them in employment, in their ability to stay in school, whether that’s high school, college or trade schools.

It also has a negative impact on their family and on the individual as a whole because if they are convicted and adjudicated guilty, they will have a stigma associated with their name and that stigma greatly impacts their life in the areas of employment, in the area of schooling, in the area of housing and in the area of leading a successful life. That’s why it’s important to hire an effective drug attorney like myself who can get the best possible result so that the future impact is lessened for those accused of drug crimes.

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