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What the New Animal Cruelty Laws Changed


According to an article in WPTV News, Palm Beach County commissioners passed new legislation Tuesday rewriting the r

ules and regulations regarding animals in an effort to prevent animal cruelty. The legislation mostly focuses on the purchase and care of animals.

The new laws

According to the article, dogs can no longer be left tied up or put in pens smaller than 80 square feet when left out doors. Pet stores must now disclose the medical histories and birthplaces of individual animals. Guard dogs now must be licensed and stored in cages of a certain size.

The reaction to this new legislation passed was split pretty evenly two ways. Animal rights activists felt a sense of victory after the new laws were passed, whereas progressives and hunters and guard dog companies are seeing these new rules as unreasonable.

How this affects Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County’s animal rights activists sees this rewriting of rules as a huge victory in an effort to prevent animal cruelty from being such a prevalent problem. Most of the rules discuss conditions for dogs and cats (although the rules cover everything from what animals qualify as nuisances and if bestiality is legal – not anymore).

In Palm Beach County, there have been several animal cruelty cases reported for dogs left tied up in the sweltering heat without adequate water or shade. The rules also discuss puppies being imported from out of state.

The article says that a Palm Beach Post investigation discovered that over 2,500 puppies were imported from out of state, usually by breeders that have been consistently cited for problems by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Animal Cruelty Defense

Because these new laws are really cracking down on animal owners, you need to be able to fully assess your situation. If you have been charged with animal cruelty, you need to consult a criminal defense lawyer.

A criminal defense lawyer can understand how this new legislation can make things very difficult for you and your pet. Do the right thing and talk to a lawyer, he or she can help you build a case and hopefully keep your pet.

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