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What To Do After You’re Arrested For Growing Marijuana

marihuana-fact-1_180x120According to WPTV News, another marijuana grow house has been found here in South Florida. Now that the cocaine boom of the past couple decades is dying down, marijuana grow houses are becoming one of the most popular form of drug cultivation and trafficking throughout South Florida.

Recently, a Boynton Beach man was caught via a traffic violation. Police found several marijuana plants in the trunk of his car. Later, when Boynton Beach Police searched the home of Jerome Hal Albanese, 48, they found more than 300 additional plants at a street value of over half a million dollars. They also found handguns, rifles, and about $60,000 in cash.

The grow house was set up with an elaborate system that allowed Albanese to grow and produce about 300 plants every 90 days.

He has been charged with two counts of cultivating marijuana and one count of trafficking marijuana.

Marijuana Grow Houses and the Law

According to Florida Statute 893.1351, a residence is considered a grow house if it houses more than 25 plants. The statute claims that only if there are more than 25 plants can it provide as evidence that the cannabis is intended for sale or distribution.

As for trafficking, the residence needs at least 300 marijuana plants, such as the grow house in the story above.

If there are less than 25 plants however, a criminal defense lawyer could easily argue that the marijuana was used for personal consumption, or for medical marijuana purposes.

Marijuana Grow House Defense

Generally, grow houses are usually found by police through confidential police informants, or even suspicious neighbors. Often times, police don’t even have warrants when they try to search homes. If a police officer knocks on your door and asks permission to come inside, it is considered a consent search – and it is legal.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for cultivating or trafficking marijuana, before speaking with any police officer or allowing one to search your home, you must contact a criminal defense attorney. Never talk with any law enforcement officer without first consulting a criminal defense lawyer to discuss the potential repercussions of your case.

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