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What to Do if You are Caught Carjacking

carjacking-attempted-robbery_180x120Happy 4th of July! Some people have not had such a good weekend so far. According to the Palm Beach Post, two men were carjacked and one was stuffed into the trunk late last night. Police are trying to figure out if this incident is part of the “bump and rob” trend that’s starting to become more commonplace in the West Palm Beach area lately.

Grand Theft Auto

According to the article, police are investigating an overnight carjacking that began in Palm Beach Gardens and ended in a crash near an ATM in West Palm Beach. Details are scant, but it appears that at 3:30 a.m. two men in a Hyundai Sonata in the area of Northlake Boulevard and Military Trail were approached by three men with guns, reports Palm Beach Gardens police spokeswoman Officer Ellen Lovejoy.

One of the victims was put in the car’s trunk and the other along with the robbers headed for an ATM, Lovejoy said. From that ATM they headed for another, she said. For unknown reasons, the car later crashed near the Chase Bank ATM on the property of the former Palm Beach Mall at Congress Avenue and Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard in West Palm Beach, Lovejoy said.

The three robbers ran from the scene and the two victims were treated for minor injuries, Lovejoy said. Police are investigating the possibility that this carjacking could be related to previous “bump and robs” that have been committed in the area in recent months, Lovejoy said

Robbery Defense

If you have ever been charged with robbery, burglary, or theft (especially carjacking), you need a criminal defense lawyer who’s going to be aggressive when fighting for your legal rights. If you have been charged with robbery, burglary, or any kind of theft, you’re looking at a felony, severe fines, and possibly and extended prison sentence. Let an experienced criminal defense attorney fight to protect your legal rights.

Have a fun and safe holiday.

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