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What to do if You Have Been Charged with Domestic Battery

domesti-violence-and-battery_180x120Domestic battery is an unfortunate but common occurrence. It often goes unreported to authorities because the victims fear retaliation. The victims also try to convince themselves that it is not a consistent pattern and the perpetrator will change. This mentality can lead to worse crimes. The article below discusses how a woman’s friends helped step in to prevent anything else happening from this domestic battery case.

Domestic Battery in Greenacres

According to an article in WPTV News, a 47-year-old Greenacres man was arrested early Monday and charged with domestic battery by strangulation. Police say he strangled his former sister-in-law but it is still unclear who’s story is correct.

Pedro Almanza-Flores was released after his first court appearance Tuesday morning with the order that he be under supervision, have no contact with the victim, and not to drink any alcohol. Almanza-Flores told police when they arrived at the scene that he argued with his former sister-in-law because he felt uncomfortable with having a sexual relationship her. He accused her of punching him four times in the face. Her story however, is much different.

Angelica Rosales, the alleged victim, told police that Almanza-Flores approached her to ask about dinner, on his way he tripped over the dresser and hit his head. He then allegedly started choking her, and she screamed for help. Another couple was in the house and walked in to see Almanza-Flores on top of Rosales. The husband managed to get Rosales free of Almanza-Flores’ grip.

Domestic Battery Criminal Defense

If you have ever been charged with domestic battery or aggravated battery, you are going to need the support of a criminal defense lawyer. At this point it is your word against your alleged victim’s, and the justice system is already on the victims’ side. You need to be represented fairly and justly and the only person capable of doing that for you is an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Call a criminal defense lawyer today if you have any questions about your case.

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