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What To Do If You Have Been Charged With Food Stamps Fraud

food-stamp-fraud_180x120-150x120According to the Palm Beach Post, an 18-month investigation called “Operation Easy Money,” concluded on Thursday with the arrests of 48 people, all food stamp recipients from Palm Beach County. Another 21 people are being targeted for this food stamp fraud, allegedly forging purchases and turning their food stamps into cash.

Amos Rojas Jr., special agent in charge of the FDLE said that the recipients treated the benefits cards like a “personal bank account.” The money retrieved would be split in half, between the store owner and food stamps recipient.

Perry Borman, regional director of the state Department of Children and Families, said the amount of food stamp money provided in Palm Beach County has increased 46 percent in the past year and currently totals $20 million.

More than 81,000 households in the county receive assistance and the average household benefit is $255 per month, Borman said.

Fraud and Theft Defense

The law office of Andrew D. Stine has extensive experience and a proven track record in representing individuals and store owners who have been arrested in food stamp fraud and theft cases.

The law office of Andrew D. Stine has represented high profile cases associated with these crimes of food stamp fraud and theft and have achieved excellent results with every client being entered into the Pre-Trial Intervention program. In cases numbers 2010 CF 6738 A and 2010 CF 6740 A, Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Attorney Stine achieved results that included no criminal record, reduced restitution, no jail time and complete resolution of the criminal matters in a timely fashion.

Florida Criminal Defense Attorney
Stine was able to resolve felon case number 2010 CF 6738 A with a down file of the case to a misdemeanor. The charge of food stamp fraud happens when store owners allow the purchase of non-food items like cigarettes, diapers, and alcoholic beverages and the like. The store owner who allows these purchases faces a third degree felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison and/or a $5,000.00 fine, plus all other costs.

The other criminal offense that also rides with this type of criminal activity is tax evasion. An experienced criminal defense attorney who prides himself in defending these types of cases, like criminal defense attorney Stine, can advise you on how to resolve these criminal accusations and prevent more criminal charges from ensuing from the original criminal offenses.

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