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What To Do If You Have Been Charged with Molestation

justice_180x120Sexual molestation is one of the most difficult crimes to prosecute, especially when the perpetrator is a person in a position of trust of the victim. The victim often feels either guilt or fear in speaking out and so the assaults can continue and go unnoticed.

In West Palm Beach, a girl’s flag football team coach, Robert Gomez, is charged with molesting a child. According to an article in WPTV News, the alleged incident happened at Gomez’s home in early December, 2010. The victim, had stayed the night because she was friends with Gomez’s two daughters.

About 10 days later, the family of the alleged victim filed a restraining order against Gomez.

According to the police report, Gomez blamed his actions on the night of the alleged incident on alcohol consumption. The article also stated The Acreage Athletic League confirmed that Gomez had been a coach for more than one season for The Acreage Girls Flag Football League. He was disqualified from coaching as soon as The Acreage Athletic League was made aware of the restraining order in mid December.

After being charged with sexual molestation of a minor, Gomez’s bond was set at $101,000 during his first court appearance yesterday.

Sexual Assault Defense

Sexual assault, molestation, or battery of a minor can be one of the most difficult crimes to defend. There are several factors here including the anger and betrayal felt by the victim and the victim’s family. If you have ever been charged with sexual assault or sexual molestation of a minor, you need to speak to a criminal defense lawyer.

Generally, the punishment for sexual molestation of a minor will result in time in prison. The amount of time usually varies between cases and the severity of the incident. If you are a person in a position of trust of the minor, expect your consequences to be much more severe.

Have a criminal defense lawyer help you understand exactly what will happen when you are charged with sexual molestation of a minor.

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