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Why A Woman Was Jailed Twice in One Day

shoplifting-2_180x120Shoplifting is considered a petty crime and the consequences and bail are generally not very serious. One woman however, made headlines for being taken into custody twice in 10 hours for shoplifting and then a burglary later after she posted bail.

Theft in Vero Beach

According to WPTV News, Kathryn Ann Moody, 19, was charged at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday for retail theft at Walmart. She posted $500 and before the day was done, deputies took her into custody again for burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief. An accomplice accused in the burglary, 22-year-old Kiley Yandle, was also taken into custody.

Staff at Walmart said Moody selected a $90 area rug from a store display and received a refund for it, though she had never paid for it. She also stuffed a T-shirt and underwear in her purse without paying for them, according to her affidavit.

WPTV news also reported that shortly before 8 p.m., Moody and Yandle went to a home to borrow money, the Sheriff’s Office said. While she was there, Moody entered a bedroom and stole $600 worth of jewelry. Moody argued with the resident and punched a window as she left, the affidavit states. The jewelry was pawned for $300 and used to buy pills, Yandle told deputies.

Moody was being held at the jail in lieu of $5,500 bail Thursday. Yandle, who was also charged with possession of a controlled substance, remained at the jail in lieu of $7,500 bail.

Criminal Defense

A lot of crimes are looped in together and most of the time, defendants face multiple charges. In this case, Moody is going to need a criminal defense lawyer to help her through several charges after being jailed twice in 10 hours. If you have ever been charged with theft, burglary, or possession of a controlled substance, you need a criminal defense lawyer to represent you and make sure your trial process and sentence is fairly given.

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