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Why Are Immigrants Coming in Faster Boats?

cubans_180x120According to Victoria Price, a WPTV News Channel 5 reporter, seven Haitian immigrants were dropped off on a Manalapan beach Thursday evening. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Border Patrol are continuing to search on foot and by helicopter for up to five more immigrants.

Of the seven people taken into custody, two were infants. Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue medics transported the two infants and the five adults to Bethesda Memorial Hospital to be evaluated.

Immigration by Boat

Haitians and Cubans have upgraded their mode of transportation to come to South Florida beaches. The flimsy rafts that carried thousands of illegal Cuban and Haitian immigrants over to the US have been replaced with fast-moving motor vessels captained by well-paid professional smugglers.

Border Patrol and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office are continuing to search for the boat and captain responsible for dropping the illegal immigrants off.

US-Cuban policy amended in 1996 now forces Cubans caught at sea to be automatically sent back to Cuba. However, if they reach American soil, they are usually allowed to stay.

US-Haitian policy generally forces Haitians to be sent back to Haiti, regardless of whether they are caught at sea or make it to shore.

Immigration in Florida

Florida has by some estimates, a million illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration into the country has had a tendency to, with it, spawn a surge of crime. If an immigrant commits a crime, they are generally put in jail, then deported to their home country upon release.

The most important thing in all criminal immigration cases is to act early. You can remain in the US with one criminal charge. If you have more than one, the possibility of deportation is high.

A criminal defense lawyer uses pretrial intervention to prevent a case from going through trial. By negotiating with prosecutors for a reduced sentence, a criminal defense attorney will work out deals to have their clients enter programs and complete community service instead of serving time in jail.

Being proactive in a criminal immigration case often makes the difference between deportation and remaining in the United States. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you build your case and understand your rights.

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