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Why Child Abuse and Alcoholism Go Hand in Hand

When a parent is charged with child abuse, there are usually several factors involved in the crime. All too often, alcohol or drug abuse is the common denominator. Child abuse is an extremely serious crime but parents may not even realize they are putting their children in
harms way because their judgment is so impaired by the substances they choose to take. One man in Michigan is being charged with felony child abuse for letting his daughter be his designated driver. His daughter is nine years old.

Child Abuse and Alcohol

According to WPTV News, a Michigan father is facing felony child abuse charges after police say he had his nine-year-old daughter drive his van while he was allegedly intoxicated in the passenger seat.

Surveillance video from a gas stations shows Weimer’s van pulling into the parking lot. Weimer then gets out of the passenger side and his daughter is seen getting out of the driver’s side of the van. He can be heard on the surveillance video bragging that his daughter is only nine-years-old and drove him to the gas station. Weimer, who is heard saying he’s drunk, also refers to his daughter as his “designated driver” and “chauffeur”, according to WPTV News

A witness called 911 after seeing the two leaving the gas station with Weimer’s daughter getting into the driver’s seat at almost 3:00 a.m. When officers pulled them over, they found the girl sitting on a booster seat behind the wheel.

Police say Weimer didn’t see a problem letting his nine-year-old daughter drive. The girl told officers her father had been drinking whiskey and that he had let her drive before.

Weimer has been charged with second-degree felony child abuse, fourth-degree misdemeanor child abuse and Habitual 4th (Felony) due to prior convictions that include unarmed robbery and felon in possession, according to police. He is free on a $25,000 personal bond and has been ordered not to have any contact with his daughter who resides with her mother.

Child Abuse Criminal Law

Being convicted of child abuse can be a serious felony. You could lose your freedom, spend precious years of your kid’s childhood in prison, and you could ultimately lose your child in the end. If you have been accused of child abuse, you are headed down a long slippery road that does not lead to anything positive. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to help you build a defense strategy that may let you keep your child. You need to make the call to a criminal defense lawyer if you have been accused of child abuse, don’t waste the precious years you have with your children.

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