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Why Children Are the True Victims of Crimes

child-neglect-1_180x120-150x118An article written by Vince Norman for WPTV News Channel 5, describes a horrible scene. A Wellington man shot his ex-wife for unknown reasons before killing himself, while his two children remained in their home.

The article is below:

WELLINGTON, Fla. – Friday, shortly after 11:00 p.m., shots broke the silence of the evening air on the 1100 block of Summerwood Circle.

“I heard screaming,” said James Duvall, a neighbor who lives just across the street from the tragic scene.

“I came to the front window and looked out and saw the house over there lit up with headlights,” said Duvall.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office, Jose Ferreira, shot his ex-wife Paula Beltre, before shooting himself, all while their two youngest children were inside their Wellington home. “I have an eleven year old son too, and those kids lost both their parents. It kind of hits home when you have kids that age,” said Duvall.

Not knowing if a killer was still on the loose, Duvall went to check on Beltre’s two young children, the 10-year-old boy was on the phone with a 9-1-1 operator. “He seemed pretty brave, you know he was direct and not hysterical when he was talking on the phone,” said Duvall.

The eldest son arrived just a few hours after the incident. “The whole thing was a little bit surreal. I think he kind of went into a mode of okay, what do I have to do, calling family members and so forth. He was pretty brave, pretty stoic, not overemotional at all,” said Duvall.

The cause of the apparent murder suicide is still under investigation. Beltre’s two young children are no longer in DCF’s custody, they are staying with an aunt.

Children Are the True Victims

Who are the true victims of criminal activity? Children. The two people that will be affected the most severely from this case are Jose Ferreira and his ex-wife Paula Beltre’s two young children. How will they manage the rest of their lives?

If you have been accused of child neglect and need some support and information about your circumstances, consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney will conduct an investigation and help you build your case.

Children are the most precious things we have in our lives, and we need to protect them. Have a criminal defense lawyer help you build a case so you can keep your children and provide the best possible life for them.

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