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Why Epstein Should Thank His Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

probation-1_180x120According to Thalia Hayden, reporter for WPTV News Channel 5, Palm Beach County Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is officially released from his probation period today.

Epstein, 57, settled nearly 25 lawsuits by young women who claimed they were recruited to give him sexually-charged massages in exchange for money. Most women were underage at the time.

Epstein has been on probation for a full year after pleading guilty to two sex-related felonies. He only served 13 of his 18 month jail sentenced. The 13 months in jail were highlighted by six work release days a week where he was let out for 16 hours a day.

Suspicions of special treatment for the wealthy have arisen since he was placed on house arrest. Epstein took several trips each month to his eight-story home in New York City, as well as his private island in the Virgin Islands.

Officials at the Florida Department of Corrections and his palm beach county criminal defense attorney insist that Epstein was treated just like other probationers.

New, similar lawsuits have since been filed by more young women.

Probation and the Law

House arrest (also known as home confinement, home detention, or electronic monitoring) is when a person is confined to his or her residence by the authorities. Travel is usually prohibited. Passports and driver’s licenses are generally confiscated during that period. It is an alternative to prison time given to defendants in cases where prison time does not seem appropriate.

In many cases, a criminal defense lawyer is able to negotiate for house arrest or probation as an alternative to imprisonment, allowing for an easier lifestyle for a defendant post-conviction. Jeffrey Epstein should be thanking his criminal defense attorney today as his sentence, probation conditions, and privileges were well-mitigated by his defense team.

Violation of Probation Defense

If in the event probation restrictions are violated, there are several factors you must understand. First, you must understand you have due process rights. You must have notice of the condition for which the violation is alleged. You must not be misled by rules that are unclear or subjective, which your Probation Officers may attach to the probation order or requirements.

Second, you must have an explanation of the warrant or affidavit of violation. It must be specific and all the terms must be clear. A trial court cannot find a violation of a Probationer for a term not explained within their probation order or alleged within the warrant or affidavit.

Third, have a criminal defense lawyer on your side to help you defend your case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is important to have in order to understand the potential consequences of your actions and what you can do to lessen the conditions.

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